New idea for harpoon usage -- Increase RNG odds of Ascension Materials & other such loots

Hi, all. It is no secret that many alliances are questioning if it is even worth it to throw any harpoon. Our alliance is still reaching the first tier but even that is debated occasionally. So here is my idea: on top of getting titan parts, once enough harpoons are thrown, there is an increased chance of getting nice items: unfarmable items, golden tokens, coins, keys… and so on. The point is, give better rewards for using harpoons. Thanks for reading!


AFAIK the only added bonus for throwing harpoons is titan parts. If your team mates aren’t crafting items that require titan parts, I’d save on the mats required to make harpoons all together.

If you reach tier 2 with harpoons… You just get more titan parts. So, its more resource efficient to only aim for tier 1 anyway.

I think OP is providing a suggestion to SGG to rethink what we get for using harpoons.

Right now it definitely feels like I use harpoons to get titan parts to craft more harpoons. I don’t yet use any other items in the hunters lodge.

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How many harpoons are enough, 1st milestone, second? Will it run on its own milestone?

What is the increase in percentage?
Would the increase be for everyone or just those that used harpoons?
Is it based on per how many harpoons the individual person uses?

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Belatedly, welcome back to the forum.

I also just craft harpoons in my HL.

Titan loot is already completely random. DocBrown raised some other considerations too.

@lightsmessenger, I don’t know how they could make it fair, even if there’s an increased chance of non-farmable AMs :woman_shrugging:

I’m at a point in the game where I’m high level, spent some money, and I’m completely and utterly disinterested in the grind it takes to accumulate 4 trillion ham and silver to wait 40 days for some esoteric building that’s full of promise but doesn’t deliver, and titan parts mean nothing to me. Even if I was interested in more grinding for less, I think the transmutation of Al K. Shards into somewhat useful items is also mind numbingly slow. So. I stopped even trying to care about that stuff and stick to what’s actually fun. Harpoons are ok but yeah. The reward bonus for using them might as well be more wooden shields.

We mostly horde the Titan part for the “what if”. There’s good items in there and when we get the super Titans the high level items like Scrolls of Alteration may suddenly be useful.

Plus a lot of people use Harpoons for the attack and def down and they accumulate just because of that.

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