New idea for alliance wars

I think the alliance wars should be down to the leaders of an alliance. The leader could be given a list of all the alliances with the same alliance score. The leader could then go through the list and put in a challenge to the other alliance. It’s then down to the leader and Co leaders whether to accept or not.
It could be taken in turns. First time for instance we challenge and the next we are challenged. You can refuse up to 3 challenges but if you do then the next challenge you must battle whether you want to or not.
By doing it this way the whole alliance will feel involved. They will feel like they have a choice to decide whether to accept or not. I think that it would bring alliance members closer together because by doing the wars this way it would bring player tactics into play as well as alliance tactics which in return will bring alliance members closer together and the alliance chat will also come alive.
I honestly believe that this is the only fair way to continue with the alliance wars. Failing that, cancel them altogether.

I’m sorry I thought I had included co leaders in that as well. You are correct. If the leader is inactive then it should fall to the longest serving co leader.

Great idea.

To clarify also. I said that it’s down to the leader and Co leaders whether to accept a challenge or not. If the leader says no put more co leaders say yes then the decision should go with the majority.

Thanks guys.

I come with another ideea, I think that a league based system war is the easy way to go. Maybe at the beginning it will be a little mess out there but after some wars the alliances will come togheter in terms of value and performance. Make some month championship and after that operate promotions, relegation, and so on. After two, three months I bet empires and puzzles have the best and fair matchmaking on the market based on performance and skill not on some stupid numbers. In the same time with this insertion we get also a leaderboard to grind for, and maybe some prizes according to our work. A monthly challenge can offer a chance for developers to make some tiers also. But for this we need developers that work hard and not trying the easy way over and over again.

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