New idea.. empty flask

Could be done 1 of 2 ways…
Option A: they could be given as a reward for completing a season. You fill them with your own energy but only 1 type. And you cant use them till they are full. (Great for raid energy) or if you finish your titan 9hrs early you could store the energy there…

Option B: make them a 1 time use again you cant use then till you fill them with your own energy. Make them a new 4* item that way they are rare, functional and something that you’d be ok with getting for loot.

With the next season coming soon I could use them to horde world energy. Or if I dont have time to raid 6 times at work I could jump on and throw the enegy into a flask and pop it later.

It would be good, if the player has his titan energy full, but no active titan yet, or have a titan that’s too strong and worthless to attack it, can save the titan energy in to a titan energy refill flask. Than the titan energy is set to zero and have in the inventory a new titan flask. Same would be good with the world energy to save in a world energy refill flask.

I see this working easily with titan and raid energy, as these are static amounts.
But how do you decide when a WE flask is full? As you can store more WE when you attain higher levels.

Also dropping empty flasks as special loot. Will this be a new type of loot on top or will it be put with the full flasks possibly decreasing the chance of those in your loot.

Suggestion as we are always chasing W.E flags and it seems to be to difficult for SG to increase our amounts.

We can buy extra hero storage space why not make it so we can buy extra flag storage to expand our daily intake.

There are 144 flags in a 24 hr period. Sell flag expansions in lots of 3 or 6 say 3 for 100 gems .

At least this way we have an option and SG makes a few bucks from it.

Just a thought

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And so what if you gain some bonus energy from a we flask? You losing them in every day, if you sleep for 7-8 hours. In that way you only regain a few of that lost points. And why need an empty flask? Every flask i used the energy is refilling, and the flask disappears. Let’s say I using a flask that i used before. No need a new item.

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