New idea: changing class!

Rather than make OP costume (such as GM costume or finley costume) or another new OP heroes, how about if SG create new system that can change hero class. Example GM from barbarian can be changed into fighter class or rogue class (or any class u like) using new special emblems or new upgrading system. This way will make the game more reasonable interesting without trigerring too much contentious, what do u guys think?

The biggest problem would be at tank. For example I’m not sure we want paladin Krampus or have paladin Guinevere

That’s the interesting point. Everybody can change the class of the hero they like, but need some effort to change the class with new system / gameplay.

Not everybody want to have paladin krampus or guin. Who knows rogue guin or krampus much harder to kill?

So the gameplay will be interesting again

Interesting idea. I love when people think outside the box. At least you are being proactive and not just screaming for Nerfs to fix everything.

It is a cool idea. Maybe it could be implemented similar to a reset token. A token that is relatively tough to get but not impossible is introduced into the game. This token would allow you to change any hero’s class to the one of your choosing. This would create a separate emblem path which would require more emblems and resources to fill up but at least you would be able to change the class of the hero.

That way it does take some time to get that heroes new class maxed out. But I think people could strategize and improve their roster with something like this and also help them raid against stronger defenses if they use the new token wisely.

I’m all for putting more strategy into the players hands as much as possible. That’s why I don’t mind new heroes that might be “strong”…I like the challenge.

You get a thumbs up!:+1:t3:

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I’m going to abuse this!
Can’t wait to make Ariel a fighter


I agree, gameplay will be more interesting for those that have those heroes.

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Is it similar to this one?

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Then every player gonna choos their tanks to fighter flanks fighter wings fighter… Reserruction heros to fighter class…

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Not totally similar. Base class is as SG decided at current state. But u can change the class later with some effort / gameplay / system

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That’s the interesting point.
And still particular emblems is hard to get. So if someone want to make all their defense fighter class is long way to go not to mention changing class also required some effort / gameplay

I’d say keep the existing method where SG determines the class and just have ways of transmuting emblems from one to another type. I don’t like the idea of all the “good classes” being used and the less desirable ones being ignored. I don’t care for this suggestion at all.

Maybe if the less desirable classes get buffed?

I like this idea! I think I’ve seen it, thought of it, or proposed it myself in the past at some point. Don’t remember which.

Yes, people could make a paladin Guinevere tank and 4 fighters for the rest of the squad. But if you’ve got enough emblems for that, I’m inclined to say you’ve earned it. This would make another path of progression without making… more costumes. XP

It could also eliminate the class emblem conflict I’m always having heartache over! Who’s my dark 5*? I have Clarissa and I like her, but all my paladin emblems are on my green (Telluria)! I then went over the moon on drawing Costume Sartana and I thought I could pour all my fighter emblems into her, but… Nope. Gotta be wizard, and I’m too attached to Jean-Francois to take emblems off him. -_-

You could say “That’s how they get ya! Class conflicts mean you need to buy more 5*!” But emblems could be monetized too, and swapping classes could take materials like 4* ascension mats. This wouldn’t have to be a hit to SG’s wallet. This could be a good “new content” alternative they can pick over, you know… Well, you already know ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Further thought: Maybe every tank would become a paladin… But maybe wizard attack teams would also come in style? The paladin defense boost counts as a buff that can trigger wizards, right? And like I mentioned earlier, maybe some classes (like wizard) could get buffs


For change of class they already released costume versions…And if u want change in class again then it will juat similar to buffing/nerfinf same things again and again

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