New idea about further updates


I believe the game needs new heroes like 6 stars (but before that needs the fix of 5 star hero ascend with stuff) because here we have titans level 9 why not “better” heroes too… maybe good idea is to see something like fuse or level up troops (or feed troops small to better like heroes) in game because many like me have many many useless troops and it’s something that soon must come to that… a good banner under the name of players it will be good idea for global chat so many can see in what team is the other… and for the end … good idea it will be something like daily rewards for all so in the end of the month someone will win a 5 star hero or gems etc…


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Good morning and welcome


I’d like to see a couple things:

  1. A conversion system for any colored troops above 5 (i.e., any time I collect more than 5 green troops, I can convert the extras. TO PROTECT NOOBS, I suggest a smart system that makes me keep the strongest troops and converts the weakest.

  2. A kinder system that doesn’t give me ten Banes or ten Balthezars (I have players complaining of this!); obviously if we have put money in the system, we are hoping for some variety…if we can’t get a 5*, please don’t give us a plethora of what we already have. This just annoys the player and makes them hold onto their wallet.

  3. Reasonable drops for ascension loot (map or Titan). Currently the drop rate is abysmal.

  4. Encouraging drops from Titans. My alliance sees very little difference between winning and losing a Titan, as regards drops, and this should not be the case!

(Btw, the new Elemental chests are a step in the right direction; they have much more loot comparatively than #3 and #4 above.)


Seriously asking for 6* hero’s?

There is major issues with the 5* ones still. This needs to be addressed before any thought of 6* be mentioned.


Trade EVERYTHING in Alliances!

This is a feature that really needs o happen. We should be able to trade anything we want, from loot, to armies and characters cards with in the Alliance. Got too many red 3* troops that another member could use in that titan fight? Trade! Got ten Balthezars but your buddy wants one and cant ever get lucky with one but they got an extra Belith you’ve been wanting? Trade! Need just one more pair of boots to ascend your 4* and your alliance member needs that extra field manual? Trade!

There needs to more of a reason to be in an alliance than just kill titans. Trading character cards and resources with in an alliance just makes the game more fun!

Com’on guys, lets make this happen!!!


Good morning! I would like to get rid of all the 1* and 2* troops or spend them to upgrade my heroes.

And I also would spend more money on crystals to get epic heroes, if their would be a better fit for my team. It seems, that the choice is even not luck driven but to increase the heroes/colours you already have. I paid 40 € (nearly 15 heroes) to get a 3* or 4* lila hero without luck.
I will no more pay for new heroes at the moment.


I like the idea of converting unused troops into something else. However, I don’t really like the idea of leveling them into eventual 4* troops. If anything you should be able to convert them into something that helps level heroes.

Epic troops cost gems. Anyone who has spent money on those gems basically completely lost their money if they received a duplicate they can’t really use. Even if a couple can be converted into a 1* leveling hero, they would have a pinch of value for the money.


I would like to see the se new features:

  • Forums separate in languages (like the chat rooms, which is a great idea, btw)

  • Upgrade troops and/or convert t’he un used ones.

  • PM (but maybe only from people you have added as a friend to avoid spam, harassment, unrequested messages).

  • Private forums or chats for people from 2, 3,4, 5… guilds who want to discuss their strategies


Hey All!

So I love my alliance, but i feel vary little impact of being in one as opposed to jumping into random ones looking for help on chat. My alliance just started getting 6* titans, but ive already read some things about titan loot still not being that great at even the higher levels. Alliances need some more ways to embrace themselves. We need to feel like and alliance, not just titan killers.
An ability to potential trade or donate to other members would be great.
Having a cooperative Wanted missionother than just the titans like specific elements or Heros in raids.
Maybe create a special mission that grant specific element rarer items to the alliance. Then the alliance can decide via chat what endeavor to chose for the week or howeved long.


Greetings Guys,

for the comming Updates there have been writen a lot of ideas above. Some I like, some i like not that much and some i dont even care about :smiley:

I would like to add 2 more.

The possibility to “sort” the heroes-screen with colour. Something like “show only the green heroes”.
Would make it more cleary while upgrading heroes.

Some kind of Alliance-Keep, like in most games the alliance could expad their keep to grand bonusses like “more exp” or something to their members.




So Agree! Am alliance marketplace!


I’d love to see a marketplace! Maybe a Global AND a Alliance like the chats? Let’s suppose the alliance doesn’t have the item/troop you’re looking for, then you can ask global about it.
But I agree, there should be more to do in the alliances besides only fighting Titans.


AD. a)*

- there is option for colour qualified characters.


I would like to see 4* cards and troops added to the daily summons. After playing more than a week you will have mostly 2* cards and the daily summons becomes useless. Atleast give people hope that they can obtain a 4* card without paying hundreds and thousands of dollars. Give a little to gain alot.


I really want to see Small Giant double-down on the community aspect in-game. This forum is a great idea, but I want to see them also improve what we have in the game itself.

I think Alliances shouldn’t be the only way to connect with other players. Maybe an “add friends” system and allow the sending of mail messages (basically, private messages) to other players. This could be added to the “social” tab on the Inbox, for example.

I’ve just seen these features in other similar games and I think it would fit in this game too.


It would be of great help if there were battles between clans, against the entire teams, and of course, if there was also the exchange between players of the same group, making our lives much easier … If each clan had a single chest where they could keep all the prizes
I speak for Brazilian gamers…Thank you…


I also would like 1 more minor thing.

A Profil-Pic of Kiril so i habe the Option to pick a somewhat less “grumpy” dwarf to represent me ^^


Hi, here there are some ideas for future updates:

  • An alliance town. Huge donations to the alliance castle would result in permanent members increase for the alliance. A tavern, where you could invest your world energy to get loot and recruits, even if it’s less worth it than the automatic play mode in provinces, which takes time and is beginning to get boring. A market where you could exchange items (for instance 5 three star belonged items for another 3 star needed one). Barracks, where you could spend for instance 5 unused troops to get 1 unit of troops of the next level. Donations to the alliance buidings would improve their features.
  • Private messages between players. Sometimes you need or want to talk to a specific player. Global chats, and even alliance chats, are not enough for this purpose since the messages scaroll and disappear quickly. Morover, kicking a player off the alliance is a very rude action. You can’t explain the reason, even if it’s long inactivity.
  • Faster info on last players’ log in, at least within the alliance maybe that info could be directly displsyed on the members list. Cool if it could also be dorted by that info.
  • There’s a topic about aliiance vs alliance, I posted some ideas there on how they could be managed, i hope it helps. Also there could be more and different alliance events, some of them could give bonuses only for the next war. For instance different levels of 3hour lasting titans to be summoned at will using different orbs or items donated to the alliance castle or other building… There might even be events for cooperation between alliances, which would be rather innovative, but they require to improve the in-game communicating system, maybe with the private messages mentioned above…

I know these ideas need more in-depth analysis and take time to implement, but I’m convinced the game needs more events, specially alliance events.

Best regards,


I would also like to mention that the drop rate for 4* heroes during epic training needs improvement badly. I have currently two training grounds training epics steady for WEEKS now and have not been issued a four star hero since I’m thinking February.

Cmon guys my luck CANNOT be that bad.