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Hello, there
It happened to me to be interested in some thread, when I’m going to read, the thread is closed and moved to the big one. When I go to that big one, I start with comment No. 1, BUT, the thread had 2000+ comments and i have to scrool the Hole “thing” until the end to see some actual comments and not from last year. Maybe it happened to some others also. Here is the idea: maybe we can have a maximum numbers of comments on a page (100-200) and then, the next page. I think it is faster to choose the last page or something else instead of scrolling 1 hour. What do you think guys?

May you need only advice how to scroll faster. You using phone ot PC? On the Mobile phone you can click on number on bottom of the page like 1/86. Then you will see fast scrolling line where you can easily move down to end of the topic. On PC you can see your fast scroling line on the right side just hold the slider and move down.

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