New HOTM Zeline

Zeline, will you be my valentine? Please be mine!


I know this isn’t gonna be popular, but:

Can you please consider your fellow players before posting? This may not be the final stats/special for this hero, since testing on her has barely begun?



I believe the live issue is not whether she is likely to be suitably nerfed, but whether she is likely to be suitably clothed.


I’ll be asking about both! :grin:


would like to see her as a defense downer. Greens have to many attack downers.

Maybe that’s one of green’s loose themes. Like red has fire DOT and yellow has blind and mana reduction.

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I’ll go out on a limb and guess that she’ll be nerfed before February. Right now I’d say she’s the strongest general purpose hero since hell.

I don’t think she will stay as is. Debuf all - alone is already an upgrade for 5*, but combined with speed, attack decrease and good offensive stats…something has to give and it can’t be the pants :wink:


Doesn’t the low special attack percentage provide the offset? I mean 158% in outright damage ain’t much (no DOT or anything)…she should be somewhat special.

She’s like if Caedmon and Skittleskull had a baby.

Not going to lie, my 4 year old daughter plays this with me and if I thought it was mildly awkward showing her Natalya, Zeline’ s pose here is quite a bit more awkward.


I was just starting to level up Morgan Le Fay… No need to do that when this one is coming next month…

Kinda surprised this post wasn’t deleted. Usually beta disclosures are frowned upon… But, hey, I don’t make the rules :slight_smile:

Hence my light-hearted reply here; I’ll use the beta boards for substantive comments.

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Shut up n take my money. Godly without a nerf. So many good things to say. Where to begin with.

Let’s begin with the elephant in the room, 5* AOE dispeller unlike Domitia n Panther.

Secondly, -34% AOE ATK reduction like 4* Skittleskull or 5* Horghall.

Thirdly, 158% AOE dmg.

Lastly, the cherry over the top. She’s a FAST hero.

I can see a nerf coming sadly. I’m at work n the most exciting thing to see today.

Edit: First 780 power for a HOTM, all until now had 777 power.


she’s a green so i’m guessing the liar liar pants on fire did a real number on them.

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I have a lv 70 Alberich so would I use double green in raids if i wanted her?
Then i would be out one of my other rainbow colors…so many descicions!?

Titans she would be better then Alberich and a great double green on blue titans!


What’s with the trend of PG-13 hero pics? Can we talk about her butt in this thread?


This trend is one of the few trends in this game that I fully support…lol

This thread makes me realize how perspective changes when one plays fantasy PC games. I seriously didn’t even notice she was scantily dressed before it’s been pointed out :face_with_monocle:


Emphasis on fantasy.

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