New HOTM in support of Ukraine or Freedom

I think the next hero of the month should bear the blue and yellow colors for Ukraine maybe you can have an artist contest for the image… or something for peace :dove: maybe another Justice :balance_scale: like hero for freedom and peace. Just a thought.

Unfortunately, no matter how SG does it, this idea would end up with them getting blasted.

Initially many would say that it is a cynical cash grab, SG taking advantage of a crisis to sell something.

And if the hero is severely underpowered, like many HoTM are, they will get blasted for implying Ukraine is weak.

But if they decided to make this HoTM unusually strong, it bolsters the “cash grab, never let a crisis go to waste” narrative and when the inevitable nerf comes along, just imagine the outcry then about the implied messaging.

So no, I don’t think it would be wise for SG to do anything like this. It’s just too fine a line to walk to get it right.


Many misunderstandings would ocurr if that idea comes to reality

I’ve seen alliances change their background to the :ukraine:. This seems like a thoughtful gesture already widely available.


Add Thoth to your season 5 heroes and decorate it with the colors of the Ukrainian flag. In ancient Egypt, Thoth is the word itself, which appears in man through conscience and intuition, and is the messenger of Osiris. He is the judge who records the trial of the dead, who weighs their sins against the truth.


I presume the SGG message for a Call for Peace in Ukraine was translated into all game supported languages and sent to all players. (Can SGG/players of languages other than English please confirm this?)

If this has been done then a strong stand will have been taken, though I’d still like a Ukrainian flag background and a dove pin.


SG has to drop out of russia and discontinue entertaining russian audience


You can also suggest leaving only yellow and blue tiles on the field, removing all the others. :woman_facepalming:

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I have a better suggestion! SGG let him make a yellow-blue hero so that he is charged from both yellow and blue tiles.

The game should be lefy free from politics and world issues. Its for fun and thats how it should be kept…just enjoy the game…


I completely agree. Politics and games never mix. That’s why many alliances keep it out of chat too, why try involving it in a game where people play it as a means of entertainment and distraction? If I want politics I’ll watch the news not play empires and puzzles.


Nothing in this world is free from politics, not even the polluted air and water or the way we deal with global pandemics.

Actually yes, many things are free of politics. No need to bring politics into everything, you must be a Debbie Downer for sure so keep that to yourself.