New home found, thanks to all who responded

  • Twilights Bastion is a long running stable alliance

  • chat is active but not overwhelming

  • English speaking players spread across all time zones globally (with most in USA, UK and AU)

  • alliance leader afffds is UK based

  • we been wanting another UK player!

  • basic but effective war strat: join us to get that first foundation going!

  • 9-10* titans / get to that next ascension mat loot tier!

  • we are that balance of chill and active you are looking for !

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Hey @JaR82 !

I’m dez from Crew-Sapphires. I’ve rebuilt the alliance since January and like to say we’re semi-competitive with semi-casual expectations!

Real life definitely comes first. To account for that, we have a 4 warnings before asked to leave the alliance rule, BUT, warnings reset every month. We know RL comes first and the warnings are their to prevent habitual offenses.

We’ve built a culture of 100 war flag use above any war tactic/strategy and we do really well in communicating with each other and work as a team for flag efficiency.

Built up our titan strength from 9* to 13*, I believe our sweet spot is 12. What’s motivated us to be around 12* is the Ascension Mats drop rates was noticeably a lot better across the mates in our alliance!

We have 1-2 spots available. We do have LINE and while we want everyone to have it for us to get a hold of each other, it isn’t a requirement to be active on LINE.

If you’d like to chat more, feel free to send me a message:
LINEID: 702dez82

Best of luck!


OH I forgot to add, 10 of our members are from EU/Jordan/India and the rest from US!

Kiss-MY-axe is open to new members. We’re hitting between 11* and 12*, and possibly 13* titans. We do have some war strats here. Feel free to check us out if you’re interested

I would like to invite you for ultimate challenge we need one great and dedicated player as we are building to top100. Daily 14* titans, strategy wars-green tank and good fun in chat. :smile:

Check us out, I see you have roster to play with us.

I suggest you look into Loot Hunters. We have play that are dedicated C2p to P2P. We have members in Ireland, Uk, Germany, Turkey, other EU countries, No Am and Australia. In 4 months it has gone for 8-10 to now 27 through two mergers. I was the lead of one of the alliance that merged. We have gone for 6* titians to 11 with easy if real life does not interfer.

We have line but most communication is through game chart and they are VERY chatty bunch, of course some more than others. My move have been very enjoyable and has been the best pull in the the 3+ yr I’ve made.

Come visit us. Just knock on the door and someone will let you in.

@JaR82 - I may be too late to the game, but we had an opening come open this afternoon. I think we would check off your list…

Hello JaR82
Saw your post and we’d love to add you to our group. We are an International english speaking alliance, with members in the UK, Ireland Turkey, Australia, North America, etc, which works out well for wars. We currently have 28 members killing 11* Titans and all members hit daily. We have coordinated wars where of course members use all war flags. Wars are coordinated but not militant. Although I can’t remember the last time we did not use all flags we do understand that real life happens and ask members to opt out of the next war if they miss a war flag. Our simple war strategy has garnered us a 75% success rate as the majority of our members are seasoned players that know the limitations of their rosters and use their flags wisely.

We are a chatty group in alliance chat with more activity on the weekends and during war. Some of us have been playing together for over a year and our Line group has several former players that chime in occasionally. Our Line group also has the wise goat and albums with lots of helpful information that is updated regularly. Line is optional.

Our goal is to find either individuals or a group of like minded players that mesh well with the group and like to have fun. Give us a peek! I don’t believe you’d be disappointed :grin:

  • 30 x maxed 4 s or 5 s, yes, 4*s too somebody has to do the cleaning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • 2400 cups (negotiable)
  • 4500 TP defense (also negotiable, see, we’re easy going :wink:)
  • currently slaying 11* Titans

We also have a training alliance that was created to allow some of our low level, less active players participate in low level wars and help them fill their POV war challenge quest. Members can move up to Loot Hunters when they feel they are ready. Or if members need to take a little break, going on vacation or just wanna do something a little different, they can move down to Loot Hunters Boot Camp. If you would like to discuss further you can reply here as I check the forums regularly or reach me on Line at ID: romanleviticus. You can also reach out to our leader on Line at ID: cooperativeflame2289.

  • Line optional
  • no minimum hero requirement
  • no minimum cup requirement
  • no minimum TP requirement
  • currently slaying 6* Titans

Hello, I see you have had a lot of good offers and may have already found your new home. But, if you are still deciding please consider joining us in The Locker.

Due to the loss of some members we are currently killing 9/10*. We will be able to climb back to 11/12* with a new member or two.

We do utilize a simple yet flexible war strategy and all participants are expected to use all flags. This is a hard rule and few exceptions provided for r/l emergencies.

This majority of the alliance has been here for almost 2 years and all know what is expected of them and do everything they can to help the team succeed.

We do have Line chat but it is not mandatory. If you want to contact me via Line, my id is wolfwarrior66.

I hope to see you knocking soon.


Wow. Thank you all! I’ll have a look at everyone and hope we win our war at the weekend.


Good luck and on behalf of the Shops Franchise we look forward to possibly seeing you soon. :wave:

Hi,If you want take a look at my alliance “Huginn & Muninn”… Best of luck :hugs:

You have a lot of options here, but after reading what you’re looking for I would be amiss not to throw our gauntlet into the ring! We are ‘Tuck the Fitans’

Our alliance has been active for just shy of 3 years. We have a global group which is really neat, as we get to learn and stay in touch with people from all over. The chat is not too crazy, and we talk a mix of in-game and real world stuff. Our UK members are definitely are cheekiest - so we would gladly welcome more of you!

We are laid back (though a few, like myself are more competitive), there is little pressure in our alliance. War is optional, but like everywhere else you’ll read here, you have to use all flags. We fight 10-12* titans. Our members range from level 42-79, but most are around where you are.

A bunch of us have Discord that we use as a resource or to alert outside of game, but a third of the alliance doesn’t have it or use it, it’s not a requirement at all.

It sounds like you would fit in well. Please feel free to join and stay a bit, see if it’s a good fit :slight_smile:

Give the Bearcats a look. Extremely chill, no line, RL always comes first. Everyone extremely nice.

Hi there. Would be nice to have you in my alliance, Revolted, but we are 2 portuguese and the rest is all brasillian. Language could be a chalenge. None the less, we pretty much fit in your description. If you.find somehow usefull, have a look at us. I’m the leader, my nick is snsf2017.

Best of luck

You should look at the UK Underdogs, we are killing 12 star Titans, and use of all flags is obligatory. Chat in English, mainly UK based, two members from US, and three or four from other European countries. Chat is no overwhelming, but is continuous and great fun.

Thanks, Billy, (and everyone else!) I’ve found my home for now. Will check you guys our in the future!

@Guvnor @Rook you can close this thread for now, thanks!

Come join us, we use all our war flags, semi competitive, we do chat, we are a mixed bunch, a few from the UK, some US, others around Europe and South Africa :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Dysfunctional Zombies

Closed per OP’s request.

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