New home found, thanks to all who responded

Hey Puzzlers! I’m happy in the main with my alliance - a great group of people - and 4 or so I’d really miss but there’s a little bit gnawing at me about how I could be doing better.


I’m level 63 - nearly 2 years in - I don’t think I’ve ever missed a war flag. I enjoy the laid back approach - I’ve been sucked in far too much (I’m moving to VC2P from P2P) - but it does get frustrating with non-chatting members not using all their flags. I’m definitely more invested in the game than the majority of the alliance.

What I’m looking for:

Chill, RL comes first alliance where flags are all used. I’ve never been in an alliance that uses war tactics before so I’m open to it.

Not fussed on titan strength. (Although I’ve been saving my scopes for other blues than my 3/70 Miki! So around 9* for the moment maybe?)
I have Line, but would prefer not to use it if possible, I’m too invested as it is!

I’d like a mix of EU and global? At the moment I’m the only Europe (UK) one in the alliance.

I’m one war win away from being able to leave so I’d like to start looking and see if there is a better fit for me out there.

My roster:

My defence is around 4500 depending on formation.

Thanks for looking, guys!


The Gay Peaches currently have a couple of spots open and we would love to have you!

See Gay Peaches looking for a new Peach! - #2 by Jamias if you’d like to read over our “Peachy Rules”

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You’d be welcome to join Cemetery Seeds. See here…

Capped titans @11* although, not that much difference from 9* IMHO. There’s two players UK based and most of the others are American although some folks from down under too.

They use Line primarily to share game info and Friendly Battle clips. Great camaraderie around war and just a good group of people. @Kalis would agree being the leader of the band.

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Yo @JaR82

You might like our friendly US/UK/EU group - a bit competitive but nothing crazy. Just players playing the game, giving their best. :slight_smile:
Would be a great addition to the team if we could have a new teammate of your experience and level. Stop by if you find some time, cheers!

Demon Slayer Corp. is also looking. We are a laid back bunch who like to learn, and you’d be a great fit.


You should check us out at Infinite Waters!

We’re a friendly bunch of players. Who are committed to the game. And active. However, we very much agree that RL does come first.

All we ask is to opt out of war if RL commitments take over. And in case of Titan misses… just mention in game chat you may miss due to being busy. But otherwise… lets kick butt together!!

We are fighting 11 star titans atm. But you certainly wouldn’t be the only player working on their Titan team. (And amazing choice to level up miki… he’s the best) :relaxed:

We do have line… and discord. But either or is optional.

You should come and check us out. See how you like us.

We do have a very simple war strategy. We just use same colour coordination. But otherwise you attack in your own time as we have players from all over the world.

Plus!! I’m from the UK… it would be nice to have another European join. :grin::grin:

Best of luck to you in finding your new home.
Drop me a message if you have any questions.

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@Sarah2 is on top of this once again… she’s unreal!

@JaR82 I feel you and hear you loud and clear. The time (and money) invested only to see lackadaisical alliance mates not hold up their end of the bargain. It’s why I left an alliance a year ago and started my own… those who believed the same followed me and we haven’t looked back since.

Cemetery Seeds is a place you’re not going to have to worry about flag usage. Expectations are understood and everyone holds to them… if they don’t, they know the consequences of being held accountable. That’s not to say we’re not laid back, as I have called us “casually serious” - we’re not striving to be top 100 or even 500 for that matter - but we’re all making our way through this thing together with an understanding and trust of the process.

For what it’s worth, it sounds like you would find your place here very quickly and be able to contribute in a meaningful way.


Join Misery Loves E&P, we are fun/chatty group that’s doing 11-13* titan and enforce using all war flags. FFA Wars. Line ID: Sendo.X

We’ve got a recent opening. Real life comes first and we don’t require outside chat apps. We’ve got 4 in the UK, 2 in Europe and the rest in the States, I believe.

Topping out at 11* titans, but steadily growing.

Check us out.

I see your approach is close to ours, so you could come over and have a look. Our alliance name is… The rise of an empire. We are friendly, new and active alliance. Since our begging (one month) we haven’t missed a flag…

Want to join the #1 alliance in E&P? Well I can’t help you with that! but if you want to join the 7,026th best alliance then come make a home at Draco Magistri! We are an experienced, war winning, titan killing (9- 10*), fun having members from all over the globe with daily players, active chat, strategy help and fun! and help and support all members.

All we ask of you is that if you opt in to war use all your flags or you will be kicked and hit the titan as often as you can. TP=0

We use war tactics to beat people higher than us. :slight_smile: :grinning:

Please consider Mystic Meadows. Currently rebuilding after RL & game fatigue hit our ranks.

We’re casual & competitive with lots of heart. A group of friends who enjoy playing and growing together.

If you haven’t yet found your new home, come visit and see if we’re a fit.

Kudos on making changes!


  • experienced players wanting an active but chill home
  • Mid-level players looking for helpful fun alliance to progress

Alliance: Twilights Bastion

10* titans

War Optional (basic war strategy)

We are active but keep it chill (respect real life, but also maintain our house rules to respect all players.)

  1. strong, fair, active leadership
  2. clearly defined rules and policies and leadership prepared to do the hard work to enforce them
  3. friendly, chatty, mature, active members
  4. a few knowledgeable players willing to offer advice

Drop in and say hello in game, or if you use Line pop into our Chat Group here:

  • Twilights Bastion is a long running stable alliance

  • chat is active but not overwhelming

  • English speaking players spread across all time zones globally (with most in USA, UK and AU)

  • alliance leader afffds is UK based

  • we been wanting another UK player!

  • basic but effective war strat: join us to get that first foundation going!

  • 9-10* titans / get to that next ascension mat loot tier!

  • we are that balance of chill and active you are looking for !

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Hey @JaR82 !

I’m dez from Crew-Sapphires. I’ve rebuilt the alliance since January and like to say we’re semi-competitive with semi-casual expectations!

Real life definitely comes first. To account for that, we have a 4 warnings before asked to leave the alliance rule, BUT, warnings reset every month. We know RL comes first and the warnings are their to prevent habitual offenses.

We’ve built a culture of 100 war flag use above any war tactic/strategy and we do really well in communicating with each other and work as a team for flag efficiency.

Built up our titan strength from 9* to 13*, I believe our sweet spot is 12. What’s motivated us to be around 12* is the Ascension Mats drop rates was noticeably a lot better across the mates in our alliance!

We have 1-2 spots available. We do have LINE and while we want everyone to have it for us to get a hold of each other, it isn’t a requirement to be active on LINE.

If you’d like to chat more, feel free to send me a message:
LINEID: 702dez82

Best of luck!


OH I forgot to add, 10 of our members are from EU/Jordan/India and the rest from US!

Kiss-MY-axe is open to new members. We’re hitting between 11* and 12*, and possibly 13* titans. We do have some war strats here. Feel free to check us out if you’re interested

I would like to invite you for ultimate challenge we need one great and dedicated player as we are building to top100. Daily 14* titans, strategy wars-green tank and good fun in chat. :smile:

Check us out, I see you have roster to play with us.

I suggest you look into Loot Hunters. We have play that are dedicated C2p to P2P. We have members in Ireland, Uk, Germany, Turkey, other EU countries, No Am and Australia. In 4 months it has gone for 8-10 to now 27 through two mergers. I was the lead of one of the alliance that merged. We have gone for 6* titians to 11 with easy if real life does not interfer.

We have line but most communication is through game chart and they are VERY chatty bunch, of course some more than others. My move have been very enjoyable and has been the best pull in the the 3+ yr I’ve made.

Come visit us. Just knock on the door and someone will let you in.

@JaR82 - I may be too late to the game, but we had an opening come open this afternoon. I think we would check off your list…

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