New highest scores in events won’t show up!


I have replayed 10 separate levels in this new event and beat my previous score, but the log doesn’t show my new high score!
During the last AW I was robbed of points and a win and now this! I’m starting to feel like this game is set up against me! I’m not usually a complainer, I’ve actually never written a negative review of anything in my life,but I’m getting angry.
If you have any inclination to offer something in consolation, I need like 13 orbs and 12 capes.
But most importantly, just fix the dang game so it quits cheating against us!


This has happened to me as well but only on the current event. I’ll play a stage over and the new score after has improved but when I close where it states my new score and look at my master score it stayed the same & so did the stage score.

Also, I finished legendary for the first time ever on an event but didn’t get the extra loot for completing it for the first time. I’m glad I was recording that as well. Has this happened to anyone else?


Here is a couple proof pictures.

In these pictures I actually didn’t beat my best score, but the game said I did. At least it didn’t replace my higher score with the lower one…


I just replayed level 5. Got a better score but it doesn’t say new high score, or give me the new score.

How can I compete if the deck is stacked against me?


See attached pics as proof:


Event ends in 9:52 in one picture.
Event ends in 9.44 in the other (so in less time, meaning the picture is taken after the other)

9.44 has your score updated, i don’t see any issue.


@Rook I didn’t get extra rewards for completing legendary tier for the first time ever! Even recorded those results happening :frowning:️ How do you submit a ticket for that?



Same prob, my new high score doesn’t get in there n I want to do rank!


I HAVE PLAYED THE SPECIAL EVENT AND HAD WON SOME LEVELS, with HIGHER SCORE THAN MY OLD SCORE BUT IT WONT SHOW! I started to dislike this game…admin do something please…