New Heros of Color and Representation of Women and Men

Please don’t stop it :kissing_heart:


What a racist/sexist thing to say!

What’s wrong with a fantasy game filled with hot looking chicks & muscular man-beasts?

The Beauty and the Beast theme has been around forever. Your homespun Marxism… not that long.


i want to see how hypocritical it gets. brobb has already shown it. let’s see if it continues.


Thread on cool-down. :angry:

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Seriously really. I play a game G A M E To get away from the snowflakes and identity politics. You don’t like it shut the game off and leave


She was flagged.

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no worries thread has been passed around Line already. trying to gather other opinions on matters that have been discussed in this thread. Curious to see how other non forum readers feel about the status of the gender and race representations of the game…amongst other things.

I can see both sides but at the same time i feel like pulling focus to an issue like this will only cause problems, not solutions. But since this subject continues to show it’s ugly head then we might as well discuss it “constructively”

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So… thinking about E&P objectified women…

Clearly, yes, 75% of them you see skin, cleavage or, almost everything in Natalya’s case. Whatever. Look at the genre and the fantasy setting in general.

I do not look like these women. Not without elective surgery. Closest I look like is Lianna who is cute as a button and totally presentable.

Do I care? no. I’m so desensitized to it that I barely notice.

Oh, and It’s a game.

If it’s not a game, and it is life imitating art and some 14 year old boy is going to grow up and objectify women based upon THIS SPECIFIC GAME (and not the pervasiveness of pornography)… then… Umm… Well, I guess you can be offended.

But I really don’t need a man to fight that battle. ( I know you are female, talking about the OP)

Just shut up, get out of the way and let us big girls fight.



Natayla ascendidos es fantáctica también lo es Scarlett y la verdad ni decir de vivica es genial por otra parte si fueran obesas o feas dirían que es en contra del femiboludismo ahora las hacen Bellas y también lo es habrá algo que les venga bien ?

Justice is a female stone golem that is not objectified in any way… other than she’s literally an animated object.

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no idea what you just said. english please.

I’m not seeing the “two sides”. There are some people who just play the game and don’t particularly notice social justice issues. There are others who, like the OP, see a very racially imbalanced crew of heroes and find it off-putting. That’s not two opposing views, it’s two different perspectives.

Had Tarlak been drawn as a dark-skinned hero, would anyone in the “just play” been offended? I don’t think so. Would it have added a strong, dark-skinned hero, someone who might resonate with E&P players of color? Yes.

It seems to me that there is a win-win here: SGG continues its direction of adding heroes who represent the full range of its customers (and beyond—what race is Rumplestiltskin exactly?). People who don’t care about the issue don’t care: they’re happy to have a good new hero. People who do care see a more representative gaming environment.


tarlak doesnt already represent a different culture that wasnt represented before?

8 of the top 15 most commonly used heroes used by the top 100 are women. I’m not sure what G Panther is - so maybe 9?

Culture? Yes. But he looks like an American college football player who got some body paint for the homecoming game. Would you really expect to see this guy coming out of the deep tropical jungle?


panther is female but she’s also white since she’s an animal