New Heros of Color and Representation of Women and Men

People of color are not fairly represented here. People from India, Native Americans, Africans (African Americans), Latina/os and Mexicans (I list Mexicans separately as some Mexicans don’t consider themselves to be Latina/os), Orientals and finally those from the Middle East. Drake Fong and Chai don’t even look oriental; though the effort is noted.

Women are also not fairly represented. There aren’t as many women as there are men. It’s far easier to make an all men’s team of equal power than it is to make a team of all women of equal power. AND there are far fewer women than men from which to choose.

Finally, more and more women are playing RPGs than ever before! Now i know the women, especially the higher powered ones, have been created for the male gaze, but I want women to be shown as actual women. The men are: Rigard is older and so looks as he should, so are Fong, Chai and Colin. Barring that, I want some men who are as scantily clad and as physically attractive as the women are.

Also, women like Scarlett and Sonya aren’t as powerful as men like Colin and the blue guy with the great abs and the horrifying face and horns. This makes it fairly impossible to create women’s vs men’s teams which can vy against each other on equal footing.

All in all, these prevalent inequalities are off-putting. Some of my friends say, "That’s just the way it is. " I don’t think it has to be. If you were able to make some headway in regard to these issues, you might be the first RPG to do so, AND I’d be able to get more of my friends on board. Thank you


When the game begins you get Bane… Not so caucasian is he? :unamused:


Rugs are oriental, the word you want is Asian.


I really want to rant at you, but I don’t want to start something that will annoy me. Ultimately I disagree with everything you’ve said though.


I’m glad my main team consists of 5 female characters, otherwise this guy wouldn’t approve.

Also, “fairly impossible to create equal women’s vs men’s teams” isnt a really strong statement. Some of the strongest heroes of the game are female characters. Plus, you compare Sonya with magni, a 4* with a 5*. Try comparing Alasie as a 5* female character with magni and there you go. And why don’t you think Scarlett is as strong as Colen? They are both useful in different scenarios. In addition, the most powerful defensive hero is even a female character.

It’s those little things in your post that make me think you are not very familiar with the game yet. It would be good to do some more research if you really want to ‘sell’ this game to your friends.


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keep an eye on this thread. I’m sure it will get out of hand quickly like the rest…

btw to the OP this topic has been posted numerous times and closed numerous times. the devs are not racists, game art are reflections of other rpg/fantasy artwork. If you dont like it then maybe rewrite history and change all of the other games and artwork that have come before this one. perhaps study a bit on a controversial issue before picking a side you know nothing about.

thanks and there’s the fuse, I’ll let you spark the boom


Oh, this OP is completely misplaced.

That posting would be a great addition to “The Ridiculous Complaints Thread” :grin::grin::grin:


I must be gender/colour blind. All is see are stars and powers.

Although I do have a fondness for my “girls” Vivica, Sartana and Alasie.


a “dislike” button would be appropriate here…
or a “personal frustration detected”


Ah. The token NPC rant…

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I think the only place where the male being stronger than the female hero argument is valid is Hansel and Gretel. They are pretty much the same hero (same special and similar stats and stars). Hansel has a faster mana gen, though, and higher hp. He’s more popular to use because of this. That’s a real apples to apples comparison. BUT if yall recall the fairytale, Gretel is the one who ultimately tricks the witch and pushes her into the oven. So why isn’t she the stronger one?


actually since this topic gets visited soo much. lets hash it out and look at facts.

best sniper in the game = female alasie
best healer in the game = female vivica
best tank in the game = female guin

btw scarlett is a waaay better hero than colen so you definitely showed a lack of game knowledge there.

as far as colors matching races, sure we all know that yellow is primarily heros of asian decsent. But how about you spin that as paying homage to a civilization that has been a huge impact on a lot of the fantasy artwork and ideas we have today, rather seein it as hate towards that race.

this is where you see players being petty and not knowledgeable enough about the game to bring game related issues and topics to the table outside of personal opinions about cosmetics.

let me guess…
since the best male heros in the game don’t have facial hair, that must be a stab at masculinity. The women don’t have purses or heels, must be a stab at feminism. There’s not a white or black element, must be a race thing. The world map monsters tend to not have genders, devs must think humans are too good to be monsters. The music isnt rock, country, or pop, designers must hate music. Where would it stop? It wouldn’t.

Time and this game have shown time and time again that no matter how far the devs go to solve issues and complaints, players will always ask for more and find more things to complain about and even stoop low enough to bring up issues that are in no way, shape or form even close to being related to the game mechanics or even the game itself.

I can think of 1000 better things to complain about that are issues within the game and could better the game. Races, genders, colors, etc dont make that list. And no it’s not because I’m a white male. The game could be half naked dudes from other races and i couldnt care less just like many of the players in this game that play it for the mechanics and competition and not just because they like pretty colors. Grow up.



I just don’t have the time, but this is the perfect opportunity for someone to create NPC hero cards.

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Pls close this topic.

No good can come of this.


lol it will be soon…

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I second that!

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lets go full. why stop there?
lets talk about the 5 elements and add all elements and make this game fully unplayable lol


Twenty something likes, love it :grin::grin:

I am curious how the OP feels about this hero…

Do the nipples adequately represent…umm…something something… equality


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