New heros ascending mechanic

Hi, if you have some time please read this and tell what do you think obout that, thanks.

I saw many posts on forum about problems to get 4* and 5* heroes. I must leave 2 alliances, beacuse players in these alliance stop playing.

Why? Beacuse they can’t get 4* heroes after 3-4 months (It’s about F2P ofc). This is sad beacuse this game is awesome and % chances for 4* and 5* isn’t good in summons. This is not post like “give everyone free 5*” , why not? Beacuse something like that will be stupid.

Soo here is my idea
Every summon(epic token/300 gems/atlantis coims) gave you 100% for 3* or better. So why we can’t change 3* into 4*? And 4* into 5*? Not for free.
Look, Jahangir is like little Colen, Jahangir at 3^50(without emblems) can be uscend into 1^01 Colen by 2hidden blades, 1gloves or 1compass.
Next, Colen is like little Azlar, 4^70 Colen can change into 1^01 Azlar by 3rings, 4blades, 1tome of tactics or 1damascian blade.
You can’t get every hero like this but theae my propozitions:
Karil-Thorne(but 6capes, 3scopes and damascian+gloves)
Baltazzar-Sartana(the same like Karil-Thorne)

This can work only with regular heroes, not events and HoTM’s, beacuse if this will work with them its gonna be not fair for P2P/C2P.

@Jedon @Rigs @Kerridoc @zephyr1
I really want hear your opinion if you have some time


It’s an interesting idea, and one I’d like to mull more before giving more refined input, especially because I’m tired at the moment.

But my off-the-cuff reaction is that it would likely take longer for a F2P/C2P player to acquire the mats for the upgrades than to get 4* heroes from tc13/tc20/random free summons — and then they’d also be short the mats for maxing those heroes.

And I suspect the timing on that would be even worse for 5* heroes.

Maybe with the right balance of mats required it could work, or maybe some other component could be in the “fee” for the upgrade. Others have previously suggested that multiple duplicates could be “traded in” for a different hero, for instance.

I’ll be interested to see what others think, and to think about this more…thanks for the tag!


This sounds close to what devs have already done with the class system.

Once 4* heros are 20/20 in class skill, they are pretty similar to our current 5*.

3* same thing but similar to our current 4*

If i’m way off, i can look again


Sorry for turkish language.I am translating. My other thoughts if you don’t give materials equal for upgrades, beginners leave the game after 2 or 3 months. The given tasks are best done, but the rewards are unfair and don’t contain the main materials.For example I finished last 5 Titan A+ rating, the game makers didn’t provide the necessary materials to upgrade 5 * Heros from the ier 3 to the tier 4. If the game makers continue this way, many people leave the game and switch to smilar games. The game makers have to be fair. Also everyone is not rich and don’t want to spend money to find 5* Hero.

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Game has been that way for 2 years.

Random loot works and is a needed mechanic that most players understand and accept


İt cannot be an answer to not correcting the inequitable material distribution, this game was done with a computer software, via new code can be made by entering the correction.

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The correction isnt needed. Game has a way of providing what you need as you progress

How many maxed 4* heros do you have?

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I have more than 27 4* heros and more than 30. 5* heros. But many 5* heros are waiting at 70 levels and 3rd rank position.

For example I am waiting Tome of tactics more than 2 months, also some players are waiting damascus blade or mysterious tonic or mystic rings

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This will take more time for F2P to level and ascend the heroes more than/equal the time needed to have them regulary from TC20 or luckly from 300/EHT summons.
Why? Cause if I will change Colen maxed into Azlar this means I just have trashed 1 gloves 1 campos and 4 H.Bs!
To waste more 3 rings 4 H.Bs 1/1 tome or D.B just to get Azlar then will need mire AM to asced that with 1 golves 1 compas and 4 more H.Bs to tire 3 and more still 6 rings 4 H.Bs 1 tome 1 D.B to ascend Azlar to 4 tier!

Waste of 20 3☆ mats and 12 4☆ mates only a cost of 1 hero 5☆!
From 4☆ to 5☆ … not from 3☆
No mention of tons of food and feeders waste and other waste of maxed 3☆ and 4☆ heroes!!
Does this make any sense!

We all know that its hard very hard to collect AMs … Why we should waste all of this resources to get a regular hero with time we can get it cheaper and also to keep our already maxed heroes!

One thing for sure this game is definitely not going to last the way it is now (seeing guys rage quit on utube)

Vets in the game should understand that because it has been the way it is for the past 2 years doesn’t mean it can’t get better hint: emblems

People’s ideas should be heard/respected just like you want yours respected and understand it is an opinion

The Devs have the last say so on where the game goes sometimes drastic things need to be done to save a game

You right, but @zephyr1 said about new value or using the same heroes for this (if I understand good), 4* AM are too rare for this, but something like Atlantis coins for changing your heroes can work much better. You will need 50/100AC (ascend coin-work name) for change max 3* into 4* on 3^01? You lose less recruits/food.
And max 4* into 5* at 3^01, you don’y lose your mats now.
Or/And you will need 1-2 copies (uleveled) of hero to ascend him.
It looks little better now?


Yes, I was saying, as @Jedon did, that ascension mats would be hard to use for trading for heroes, but some people have suggested that duplicate heroes could be used to get a new hero, like these ideas:

This starts to sound a lot like this idea:


Way much better … and I like it now :+1:

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Maybe the Hero Academy, which is planned to be released this year, will do something similar to this.

I agree that it is quite frustrating when summons or TCS spawn useless heroes the vast majority of the time.
F2P players need about half a year of very active playing to get their first TC to 20 (C2P with VIP 3 - 4 months). Until then TC13 and a few summons via diamonds and Atlantis coins are the only source to get 4* (or with a lot of luck) 5* heroes. 2 TC13 spawn one or maybe two 4* heroes, at least 95 % of the time, however, the same 3* heroes come over and over again. This means that pretty soon the TCs spawn mostly duplicates.
When the first TC20 is finished, eventually, a new flow of useful heroes starts (F2P and C2P usually only have the minority of the 4* heroes available and none or maybe one or two TC 5* heroes). After running TC20 for some time, however, players will have almost all 4* heroes and also some of the trainable 5s.This means that again the chance to get a new useful hero drops to less than 5 % (assuming the chance for 5 heroes is as high as 5 % :roll_eyes:) or even much lower.

I agree that new options to reduce the frustration of getting mainly trash (yes, also the sixth Boldtusk or Grimm or is trash, no matter how great the first was) would be appreciated by many players.

This does not mean giving away top heroes for free very early. Rather either finding a way to develop existing useless heroes into better ones like the proposal in this thread (which might happen in the Hero Academy) or open new possibilities in the training camps. Who needs levels 14-18 (colour specific 3* heroes) at a point when 4* heroes are needed? Why not have a TC level between 13 and 20 that spawns colour specific 4* heroes at a reasonable drop rate (higher than TC13 but lower than TC20, maybe 10-12.5 % or so)? This would help a lot of intermediate players to have a reasonable chance to get a hero or even a colour that they still miss. For instance, it took me more than 7 months to get my first purple 4* hero (from TC20, no luck in TC13). Why not extend the maximum level for the TC to 25 or so and have better ways for very advanced players to get a chance at the 5* heroes they are still missing? Maybe a TC level that only spawns 4/5* heroes (75/25 %) that takes a week, costs 2M food, chainmails, tall boots etc. Maybe a color-specific 5* training (also 25 % chance or so) that costs one magic orb for yellow, trap tools for purple, warm cape for blue etc).


Lets Look at it this way. Any Gamer looking for a game in this manner should understand that there will need to be a time investment to get better from day 1. All MMORPG have functioned in this manner since Everquest.

If you are a gamer who needs to rush to be at the top of the leaderboards in these style of games yet you walk through the door with the mindstate that you are gonna break the mold and get to the top in 6 months without spending a dollar because you are THAT DANG GOOOD!!!. you will be disappointed in not even a month. you will save up 300 gems and roll and get a 3* and freak out. come to the forums and scream about how you saved your gems and all you got was a second Bane!!

This will of course start the rally cry from the guy at 3 months in that just pulled friar tuck for the second time.

Now here we come to we deserve a free 5 star hero cause we play your game and watch videos!!!.

Players of this calibur consistantly ruin alliances, well thought out forum posts on sometimes controversial subject matter, and lead to a bad experience for all with no real knowledge being gained.

the odds are posted, the game is FTP and all the FTP events, level, titans, can all be beaten by Heroes you can recieve playing for free for a long time<-------see this part—long–, or you can spice it up and throw yourself a shot at a few heroes here snd there and if you hit one boom, on to new frontiers and hopefully, with a few newer heroes, you might finally have someone to knock of borils debuff cause you cant beat teams with reflect or your first good healer, man it was nice pulling sebina when i first got her, game changing from hawkmoon to sebina.

Everyone in this game has to invest time, money, or both to progress. gems can be earned for free or purchaed and learning when and what to do with them will help u achieve a better roster cut and dry. Nothing is free nor should it be as no game runs for free.

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Here Too! A Trading program would be perfect. Still think it has nothing to do with “moola?”

Not being funny but that is a random rant on a simple suggestion. Your are also assuming its about leader boards. I personally raid just for my completion gifts. Its a pointless thing to me otherwise. I also have two accounts one with no money invested and doing rather well the other my main well put it this way i could buy another ps4. The game is great but offering a suggestion for a poor percentage player draw i think is a solid idea. Look at how EA is falling apart not listening to their players. Id hate to see the sane here.

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Some ppl just hate F2Ps … so they bully them. Don’t bother your self please @MadHocus my friend


a rant consist of non factual statements. there is nothing that is nonfactual or leaning towards a hatred to any playerbase to each their own.

I am competetive gamer have been since i played sports in grade school thats just who i am and i like to surround myself with players of the same like as does almost anyone jumping atound alliances until they find the fit for them.

Im sorry that people feel like being a person who invests in my entertainment c2p that i understand the feeling of rolling to come up empty just like any other player, the difference is i say oh well better luck next time not OMG screw SG and their posted odds and me still not get anything but because i spent i should gave got something i wanted. things with odds means there are no guarantees, if you cant accept that that is a YOU problem not SG.

everyone thats been here over 3 months pretty much has an idea of how it works, if you need help on saving what to purchase and when to get the max value for your money, i would be glad to offer you the budget plan me and my alliance invented and follow to this day with a spreadhseet to show our results of all players involved. otherwise good luck to you on the boards.

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