New heros 6* and 7*


How about new higher level heroes to be available at stronghold level 15 and 20, or even a higher level * hero at every 5 levels of stronghold starting at stronghold 15, also with much more amazing abilities.


Sorry but not a chance buddy

5* are already nearly impossible to get and a 7* would just wipe any team


Im sure something can be done about that i was just pushing an idea that needs some refining. And i would also like to push another idea which would allow us to choose the hero u want by lets say a new summoning portal that requires 500 gems and a super summoning portal where u would need a 1000 gems +1m food and 1m iron to have a chance at 6* and 7* heroes.


I’d be fine with all that, but I’m FTP. If I were a paying player who had invested considerable cash into my team of 5* heroes, I would be pretty angry if they were suddenly rendered redundant. I would probably take my money elsewhere.


500 gems at a portal gets you what?

If a 5 star then everyone would have full teams of 5 stars and every other character would be irrelevant

This was also covered on another thread about guaranteed 5 stars


they don’t need higher tiered heroes, they just need more heroes to choose from. broader range of powers and stats so that every top tier player isn’t using almost the exact same team.
and to preempt the complaint “then i’ll never the hero i want because there’s too many in the pool” i have a solution. separate the colors into 2 groups so when a color comes up day 1 will have half the heroes of that color in the pool and day two will have the other half. this gives you a little better chance of getting the hero you want.


How about a balance of heroes so that people aren’t disappointed when they get a freaking 5 star that I can only dream of


That too.
My thought was that creating more things for them to be useful for. Titans that are more than 1 Target, for instance would make the multi target heroes more valuable.


Stickies for devs to begin programming right away


I don’t see your Sticky, Darkhorse…where did you put it?