New Heroes that stack like WuKong? What do you think?


In another thread, our fellow player Dori proposed new heroes that had stackability like WuKong.

What do you think? What kind of heroes would you create? (Keep in mind that WuKong has a negative side too! Your suggestions should not be OP!)

This thread is for fun; I’m writing as a player, and not in any official capacity.

GO! :grin:

My thoughts about Wu Kong

I would lile 4 and 5 * heros with spirit link or other 2 and 3* abilities


An obvious one for me would be a “reckless attack”. Increased attack by a % and decreased defense %. Something like a berserker in many other games.


4 or 5* that gives you 70% of critical and strongly poison your entire team for 4 turns (can’t remove that).


There’s those bunny characters that everyone hates that lower their own defense :smiley:


I totally forgot those existed! Very similar.