New heroes stats

I taked my sweet time comparing various cards, of course limited time Vs regulars.
Yes this gap was always there, still it was less obvious as many “comparable heroes” has more of a stat and less of the other. (But that’s what i said in post n.1)
So i can’t really say if this gap grows over time, as i don’t have any intention to disclose how Small Giant calculate stats. If someone else want to do it (@Garanwyn :kissing_smiling_eyes: ) feel free to let us all know.

That said, the question is if limited time and regular are not comparable as @CheTranqui stated.
Yes and no i would say, as previously explained.
We are not talking about apple and oranges, they are both legendary (or both epics), but yes, limited time “must” be more appealing to lure players invest for them.

But a good special can already do that.
An Evelyn with same stats of Lianna lured me to invest on her the same, and i can say the same for many others heroes.
I don’t even notice the little increase in stats, it’s not usually what people looking for.
Some specials already do a great advantage per se (or the numbers of specials)

I don’t really understand why pushing regulars on the bottom even more.
I really hope this things going to be adressed on V20.

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Last I checked Justice’s skill also deals damage. Also, why are you implying all perks of a special skill are equally useful? Cause they aren’t. Blind is a perk exclusive to Holy heroes, including 3 5*, of which 2 are regular TC heroes. It may not be the strongest thing in the game but it’s unique and some minor stat difference ain’t gonna change that.

Ok let’s just say the damage of Justice is equivalent of the healing of Kunchen (which is not, but let’s pretend). 1 - 1

Her blind effect equivalent to the cleanse (both really good). 2 - 2

Now Kunchen has “only” a defence debuff on all (simply great) and a holy defence (bof, so and so) more.

Again seriously, are you trying to say without a buff on the stats they were on the same level?
No, really, seriously?

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@Kerridoc has done a very solid analysis on this one already :slight_smile:

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It was more a: 1 attack stat how much defence is equivalent? How much Hp?
Or: if a hero has 100 hp less, how much more attack should he/she have to be equal?

Not really interested in CP :grin:

That’s an interesting philosophical question. I’ll give it some thought to see if I can come up with a cohesive, satisfactory way to answer it. There’s the old rule of thumb of 1 def = 2 hp, but that’s not not necessarily a good rule for both attack and defense. There’s also the Kerridoc “Sonya” scale for defense and hp.

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