New heroes stats

I always thought that new heroes has “only” more skills or more useful skills.
But looking stats something is really off:

It usually is less obvious because stats are mixed, and it’s not clear what is the equivalent of a higher attack in defence points.

But here ALL the stats are higher, and not a few higher but really higher (+39 defence?!)
And that’s the same for Yunan and Onatel!

I mean, are we talking about of same stars anymore?


Yeah, this power creep has been climbing for a while, but it’s getting really noticeable now. It’s especially annoying that the season 2 heroes all have better stats since they are the hardest heroes to pull.

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Makes sense… both Marjana and Magni have low stats compared to new heroes

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I’m searching other similar situation, but i don’t find any this obvious.

It is an error? How are stats calculated?

It’s only natural the stats of new heroes out pace those of old(er) heroes. There needs to be some stat increase through the progression of new heroes. However, some gains are more noticeable than others. Comparing Vivica to Kunchen is pretty even though and they fill the same role as a 5* healer

Sorry, i don’t agree.
If we were talking about 6* against 5* it was only natural. But these heroes already has much more skills then regulars.
Justice has only blind, Kunchen cure, cleanse, debuff and protect against holy all at once.
Just for this is unfair, and you say he even need better stats?

C’mon, let’s just delete TC20 heroes and we do faster.


@GERATH There is no need for increased stats for increase the power disparity: better skills were already doing that without acting on both hero’s survivability & tile damage.

@Elpis Good timing with your post, we are under balancing winds :slight_smile:

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That’s power creep.
And let’s face it, if the new Heroes were worse than the previous ones, fewer people would want them.

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Are you saying that Kunchen would be worse then Justice with similar stats?

maybe that’s what they will be tinkering in V20…

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maybe they are still assigning new stats in the old way. Remember when they changed the stats for alliance wars matchmaking?.. perhaps that is the reason the old heroes have stats so much lower?

This isn’t Power Creep.

A Hero of the Month is expected to be more powerful than its regular counterpart.

I don’t see the issue here. Do you expect HotM to truly be no better than a basic TC20 hero?

True power creep would be evidenced by comparing new Wonderland heroes with their counterparts from various older events.


They want us to summon, so heroes are getting better and better.

Otherwise all mutiple tc20 runners wouldn’t spend any more…

If HotM were average, the summon portal would get dusty soon.

  1. It is some kind of unknown rule? Or is it write somewhere? And it must increase everytime? Because i see potential issues from this kind of reasoning. Really big balancing issues.

  2. again, do you think that having better specials is not already “enough” better? Because even with same stats new heroes are better. I guess none think the opposite.

It shouldn’t be, but as they want to encourage spending it is logic.
But again, how much better? That’s the problem here.

They want them to be better for spenders, but not too much better, to not completely make older useless.

They already work with great multiple specials, i don’t really see the need for even better stats.


To determine power creep you should compare an old version of a hero to a new version of a hero. You are comparing a basic, free hero to a unique, high powered, limited availability hero. These are two inherently different hero categories. There are many categories of heroes. As such, if you wish to prove power creep, you will have to do so step-by-step.

The first Challenge Event was Pirates of Corellia. With it was released Cabin Boy Peters - a respected 4* hero, along with Lady Locke who is considered the best 5* of the event. The most recent Challenge Event created was Santa’s Challenge in which Buddy and Mother North were released.

Comparing the stats and specials of Cabin Boy Peters with Buddy, along with Lady Locke vs Mother North, would be a start in establishing your claim.

You are also claiming that there is power creep in recent Heroes of the Month.

Comparing an apple to an orange (a Hero of the Month, rare, limited availability hero) with a basic TC20 hero (i.e. free and available permanently to all) is not a fair comparison. SG has already declared via showing us the Power number (Justice: 754, Kunchen: 770) that Kunchen is considered superior.

Has there been 5* power creep? Feel free to compare Season 1 TC20 heroes to Season 2 heroes… but pretending that a HotM is, or should be, equal in power to a Season 1 hero is being naive to how the system was created.

Here is a list of Heroes of the Month presented by the month of their release. It shows that Hel, Athena and Ares were the first three HotM relesed.

Here are the numbers of the first three HotM:

Hero Attack Defense Health Overall Power
Hel 745 692 1328 770
Athena 737 692 1349 765
Ares 777 659 1442 765

The three most recent:

Hero Attack Defense Health Overall Power
Evelyn 727 712 1355 768
Onatel 618 815 1437 770
Kunchen 618 815 1437 770

Comparing HotM to basic heroes is absolute nonsense. The only way that such a comparison makes sense is if you wish to argue that SGG has organized the 3* / 4* / 5* or the S1 / S2 / Seasonal / Challenge / HotM hero categorization in a way that requires a rework. This, however, is a completely different discussion then, that has nothing to do with Power Creep.

Whether there exists Power Creep or not, I have no opinion on. I do not own enough 4* and 5* heroes to experience it and to have an opinion from my own personal experience… but to declare as such without using fair comparisons or citing source data is just not cool. Everyone should start from the same basic understanding of the facts at hand. Hopefully the above has helped lay a foundation for that mutual understanding.


To me more skill variance is already enough of an edge for premium heroes and increased stats shouldn’t widen it more.

Luckily we are still not to the point of throwing old heroes into the trash bin and hopely V20 would address most of the balance issues…

Follow the link to know what I think about comparing core heroes with Premium ones.

Of course we could compare them with core heroes specials as they are still part of this game (and some part of them are even better than the premium heroes, see Brienne vs Khiona) but in their overall skillset it’s clear that premium heroes greatly overwhelm the core ones.

Expecially since there is almost no competition into the same tier when it comes to status effects, where 4* and 3* heroes have more skills variance.

This is no naivety: we don’t want for core heroes to be premium heroes’ clones but gradual empowerments of newer heroes is pretty much what would bring powercreep and too much of it would be bad.

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Oh! So the argument isn’t regarding power creep, but regarding the categorization of heroes and that certain categories are more powerful than others.

Gotcha. I’ll take my leave here, then. I quite enjoy the diversity in abilities and power. :slight_smile:

Seems like you misunderstood my post. If you would I could talk about my point of view.

Since 20 percent depends on luck, they’ll just have to make sure, HotM won’t be far better than say 15 percent.

‘Oldschool’ heroes also can be balanced and that point seems to come…

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Just taking a quick glance at the link you provided shows a much more fact-based approach to the general concept which automatically means that I am much more interested in that discussion. (It also looks to be the general (high) quality that I’ve come to expect of you - looking forward to the full read :slight_smile: )

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