New Heroes (Pirates) - Do we like them?


Whats your thought on the new heroes?

Cabin Boy Peters vs Lianna?

Lady Locke vs Lianna?

First Mate Boomer vs Sartana

Captain Sargasso vs Sartana

Captain Kestrel vs. Marjana

Your thoughts?


My thoughts

I would choose Lianna over Cabin Boy because of her power.
I would chose LIanna over Lady Locke because of her “fast” mana production. I dont like Lady Lockes damage (needs 8 turns to give it all away). In 8 turns the match might be over.

I would choose Sartana over Boomer because of power and low damage. Thats a no brainer.
I think I would choos Sartana over Sargasso also, but thats a close one…

Seems like Captain Kestrel give 215% damage to target AND nearby enemies which make him pretty decent. I THINK I would prefer him over Marjana, which would make him the best red hero in the game.


For now i like only the green one, “LadyLocke”. Her special looks yummy on a good defending team.

“Captain Sargasso” not bad, but his special on a team without healer is not that good. Sartana still better.

Aaaaaaaand “Captain Kestrel”…! Meh. Not cool in any way.


Cabin Boy and Lianna: not comparable. Lianna, duh; however, Cabin Boy is a utility counter, and a very, very good one for solid attackers.

Locke: 1 of three cards that can be used for a self dispel, and she’s not offensively comparatively useless like Rigard. I wasn’t prepared to like her as you state things may be over in 8 turns (due to a really good board or a really bad one) but after seeing how it plays out in the event, I think I’m revising my opinion that she might be really good in pvp at least.

Captain Jack: so much win, and not the same use case as Marjana necessarily as he’s kinda meh against titans and map… pvp focused hero only really unless you’re into farming 20-4 more efficiently or something. That said, very happy with the pull.

The purples aren’t really worth much compared to Sartana, both niche not mainline heroes which Sartana absolutely is.


I agree with Revelate, Lady Locke is worth getting and leveling. I have found her very useful.
This is based on heros I have skill at 8/8 unless noted and only used in quests so far.
Lady Locke, I found her more powerful than you would think. Absolute favourite but still love Lianna… I like that she has a powerful secondary buff that Lianna does not. I would use her in certain raids or quests.
Boomer , dies easily…not that impressed…maybe when he gets to ascension 4 might be better. I think comparing a 4 star like boomer to a 5 star (Sartana) is unfair.
Have not used cabin boy but I hate going against silence without antidotes, so he may be good
Captain Kestrel is just ok, think he will be better in pvp battles and fully ascended. I would still keep Marjana for now.
Captin Sargasso is ok…think he needs to be leveled more(6/8); for a valued opinion on him. I think he will be good in pvp but I still prefer Hel for now.


Peters is awesome imo. He and Lianna will pop at the same time. On top of that it’s likely possible he’ll go again before silence is expired. Lady Locke seems really awesome. Against her in the challenge she was awesome. Boomer seems ok. Kestrel seems like junk amongst them all. Sargasa seems pretty good too especially when going against Holy titans. All in all, I think that Peters and Lady Locke are the best grabs from this and we finally have some really good greens to use.


I’ll say I really like the 2 green ones.

Lady Locke’s 867 damage*3 is no joke. If I’m right, the damage is true damage, which means it igonres armor.
Cabin boy has the first silience in the game, it’s pretty good. I would consider using him over Caedmon.

The 2 purples are just bad in my opinion. Their specials sounds great but average and very limited. I’d choose Sartana, she is simple and effective.

Captain Kestrel, is worthless… go compare him with Musashi