New heroes OP - SG trying to squeeze for the cash?


  1. this is pure speculation. Speculation might not even be a strong enough word. More like. Rambling blah blah.

  2. SG has made like, 600 million dollars off of loot boxes.

  3. increasing global criticism on loot boxes:

“We recommend that loot boxes that contain the element of chance should not be sold to children playing games, and instead in-game credits should be earned through rewards won through playing the games,” the Parliament report reads. “In the absence of research which proves that no harm is being done by exposing children to gambling through the purchasing of loot boxes, then, we believe the precautionary principle should apply and they are not permitted in games played by children until the evidence proves otherwise.”

“When you speak to any gamer, even gamers who do buy those games and do buy into those loot boxes, none of them are happy with it,” games journalist and PR Ryan Brown told Newsbeat in June.

“They don’t deem it as being fun, they wish it wasn’t there.”

Some of these games are derided as being “pay to win” because of the advantages given by items from loot boxes. But the lucky draw nature of loot boxes has also drawn criticism from governments around the world, which fear the technique takes advantage of psychological factors that also contribute to gambling addiction.

Some countries like Belgium and the Netherlands have already banned the sale of loot boxes outright. By contrast, trade groups in the US like the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) are calling for self-regulation.

With all of the above in mind, check out these new power house heroes:

Now… I’m not gonna say these are THE BEST heroes that have ever been released. But they sure aren’t bad. There’s a darn decent chance these are some of the best heroes out there. Ever.

With that in mind, I pose to you this question:
Is it possible SG is trying to squeeze the juice outta the lemon before the lemon is declared illegal across much of the globe?

You’re gonna be tempted to answer a simple “no” and then just move on. But feel free to add some descriptors and whatnot. Ya know. Forum. Discussion. Words :stuck_out_tongue:


Lemme add one thing to this. Obviously I am anti Loot Box. But part of why I posed this is there’s been an ever present degree of Power Creep in this game.

That power creep, imho, is much greater than it needs to be. And I think these new heroes represent a strong step right into continued and maybe even accelerated power creep.

I’m concerned that the game balance is going to be thrown out the window in the name of short term profits given the continued movement away from loot boxes.


i dont know but i cant imagine if people able to buy “stuff ingame” without chance / loot boxes , all server will be ruled by Big Spenders. Loot Boxes keep Casual/Low Spender to be competivie (with luck pull) and avoid Big Spender to get everything they want.

i was C2P , and now decied to be F2P , no more spending , i even didnt do any pull for past 2 months and just play casually without any pressure


I strongly disagree.

Reason: The big spenders are already the ones with the best heroes.

The reason they aren’t the only ones at the top of the score board is because generally the game is very well balanced and raid attack teams are more likely to win than raid defense teams. (IMO an excellent design decision )

Did you get any of the new Avalon heroes? Have you added ANY new heroes in that time you’ve become f2p?

Wouldn’t you prefer to play a game where good Heroes are a reward for playing the game, not shelling out cash?


Big Spenders spent more with Loot Boxes , without Loot Boxed they will spend less to get Top heroes. i spent $1600++ in 8 months without Guin/Marjana , i think i able to get Guin if they removed loot boxed and put in Shop.

i didnt do any summon/pull anymore , i got 20 maxed *5 heroes with 5 Proteus and 5 Rigards rest to complete my 30 AW Offense team. i dont want to spend just to bench my other hero which i got from spent lol , just play casually till i got bored and left the game , just i always did before and before and before with other game i played

Sorry bro but you don’t fit into my definition of C2P if you spent $1,600.

I don’t understand how you dropped $1,600, knowingly, on THIS game, NOT getting the hero you wanted, and you’re like “cest la vie! Just nothing you can do about it!”

Really… perplexing.


yeah we all had different perceptive about how much to be C2P or P2P , i spent $200 a month which is casual spend for me and i knew that maybe it not for others. i called myself C2P because i got friend that alrdy spent over $20k in year

i stop spend not because rage didnt get hero i wanted , but i got enough *5 hero and still got many unmaxed heroe which need mats , new hero will always come and will be never end , i dont want to be at that loop , thats my definition of casual player

This is, in a lot of ways, none of my business. But speaking very abstractly about your friend. Is 20k a lot for him? Did this cause any financial hardship in his life? If not, he’s very well off and very lucky, of course.

Can we agree that no matter what he got for 20k, it wasn’t actually worth 20k?

Can we also agree, maybe, that some people out there are spending more on this game - and on other games - than they can really afford. They’re maybe not good with money, but this game is designed gambling. It’s psychological warfare against its players.

I mean, I ignore that and keep playing it - and this month I even blew $25 on this … “game.” But I think we should be really angry about that as gamers. And I think we should be concerned when we see new heroes come out who are just, dominant looking.(edit: I have to say dominant looking. I haven’t fought them yet and I, like many of you, won’t have a chance to get these guys) I don’t think it’s so much to connect the dots here…

But. I’m in a ramblin fightin kinda mood I guess


according to my conversation with him , $25k a year are not much for him , he earned more since he is owner of company , well for me $25k are very much lol

there is Myth , the more you earn and the more you spend.

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If the new heroes weren’t “OP” (possibly debatable) there would not be any desire on the part of the big spenders to get them. Why go all out for a hero that is no better than what you already have, except possibly as a collector’s item?

Do I agree with this? Not necessarily. I’m F2P (or VC2P, I have spent a few bucks here and there, average under $1/month) so I ain’t chasing anything. But I get the need to attract the whales to the new “shiny” to spend on. That pays for the development time to create the “shiny” and to create the additional content added.

I have different expectations from the game than the spenders here, and maybe from most players period. So, loot boxes have no appeal to me.

FWIW I would define C2P as VIP and gem deals each month.


well in this case , i am happy to be “Stupid” , and for the record , i am still “Stupid” bcs still do spend $200-$300 month for another game i am playing right now.

Glad that you dont be to be “Stupid” like me , have a nice day


More people in my alliance are going free-to-play. I understand as a business you have to keep moving the carrot to keep people chasing. But most of my alliance has been around for a long time and frankly they’re tired of chasing. Power creep is becoming too dramatic and the next step after free to play, is if they can’t compete, that they just stop playing. Me personally I have about $100 left in Google Play, and about thirty thousand gems, and I know where my targets are for drawing Heroes. So after January of 2020, I’ll be in the same boat with the rest of my alliance. Free-to-play and done once I become non competitive. I’m holding out for the Hero Academy to give a viable conversion of tc20 Heroes to non trainable Heroes, but I’m not holding my breath.


I’m anti loot boxes too. Personal opinion: I love this game, it has its flaws (lots of flaws) but it’s very fun to play. But, even tho I love this game I would never, ever… ever spend a cent in a game that resembles a casino like E&P.

I’ve been thinking the same thing. All these new HOTMs and event heroes are a bit OP. I’ve seen people do 200k damage to a titan in a single attack with Miki. All these new event heroes like Black Knight and Lady of the lake will be released in the next 5 months. They will change the top 100 scores for sure.

It’s possible devs are preparing for an eventual ban on loot boxes. It could be the reason they’re throwing all these new 5* heroes at us. It’s just speculation though. One day we will know what’s going on.

If people want to spend hundreds or dollars or go full f2p it’s up to them. Shaming people for doing what they want with the money they earn it’s a no @Magnum16


I don’t know where you are getting Knight/LotL being “OP”…I find them average at best.

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You sir are my people LOL. Very very well spoken start to finish.

I agree with you on ALL points, especially the last one. How people want to spend their disposable income is their own business.

That said, I do think SG has some ethical / moral responsibility in creating a “game” that is more “casino” and marketing it as the former instead of the latter.

I think the world is starting to catch up to that, and I gotta think the big wigs at Zynga and SG gotta be pushing for moar heroes moar monies as a result.

Like you said though. We can only speculate :frowning:

Knight is immediately in discussion as one of the best tanks all time imho. LotL has gotta be in the discussion for one of the best healers out there. (Granted there aren’t a lot of 5* healers. But Those mana drop minions are no joke)

These are obviously just opinions that I can’t test. But as stated initially, they’re clearly not bad!


Easily dispellable and built in counters with KA/Frida…just because he has big defense does not make him a good tank.

I find her below average. MN/Kunch/Ariel are WAY better. Viv/Alby are just better. I struggle to come up with a worse 5* healer.

I’m loot box in moderation. It is addicting. But I also know this is really the only game I play. I don’t have a gaming system or any game consoles. I collect comic art and play E&P. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t gamble in casino. This game is my vice. I know it. I admit it. I accept it. But I know it is an addiction. And I can’t go chasing the dragon.

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You can dispel him, but in the meantime have a 50% chance of being able to hurt no one on the enemy team. And even if you dispel him, you need a second dispel to get rid of whatever nasty stuff the rest of the defense team has cooking.

Agree to disagree.


This, he’s the only hero so far that forces the attacker to bring 2 dispellers (or at least 1 dispeller + attack dropper like Richard).

I’d say that the berserk attack buff he gives to his allies is something you want to dispel too. On defense tile damage makes slash attacks deadly.

LotL I’m a bit underwhelmed with myself, I think she’s gonna be much better for offense. On defense I’ve only ran into one, but Red Hood made her useless (though tbf I have Red Hood, who’s basically the best counter to her)


Really high quality debate, @Duaneski, well done.

I’m just reading and digesting at the moment.

On a financial tangent, I wonder if Monty Python know about that their character and a direct quote has been lifted wholesale?

Maybe ‘black knight’ is a universal enough concept to avoid scrutiny.


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