New heroes of the game and mats

should we wait with our aceensions?

I will be able to soon acend skady atomos, c kadilen, margaret, and bai yeong which all are at 3.70


should we wait for the new heros coming before we make decisions?

I have medium war defence team of about 4400
I have about 12 five maxed heroes, probably I just need more maxed five for attack and for having fun

my five reds are mediocre mostly like Khagan ,jf.anzogh I do have noor and tyr at 3.70

I wonder whether we should wait for the great yellow to come or the ninjas…

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Give us more information please. What do u already have? Maxed 3* and 4*? What do u need? Where are you in the game?

Their are many topics already regarding this issue. Many have the same problem. Search button is your friend. Wondering why you post here.
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If waiting for another hero is totally up to you, been said the bests hero’s are the ones you got.
People can ask for advice and people will chime in, but it is a good idea to show what you have got so people can give a better judgement on what to suggest to you.
Also are you going to emblem them is this hero for defence etc…

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Mats are precious, but sitting on a hero means that much time before you can use a helpful, effective hero. In addition., assuming you are going to get a speciafic hero is super risky. Bird in the hand pal.

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It is difficult to give meaningful advice without having more info on your roster and current available ascension mats.

However, do take into consideration how many potential summonings you plan to do in the coming weeks (Costume summons, Tavern of Legends summons, Valhalla summons, Halloween seasonal event summons, etc) before you make your decision. If you don’t plan to do many summons, the probability of acquiring a new worthy 5* is probably low.

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ן showed my roster above.thx

ן showed my roster above thx

I think Skadi is a great hero to max since there are an increasing number of minions heroes (Telluria, Freya, Bera, Zulag, Nov and Dec Hotm, etc). If you are summoning, the potential blue heroes you would be able to get are Glenda (Nov Hotm), Lord Loki (new Valhalla hero), Fenrir (old Valhalla hero), past blue HotM from tavern of legends, or blue S2 hero if you wait until next month’s Atlantis.

If your alliance runs green tanks, I would probably max C.Kadilen for tank or Atomos if you don’t have the emblems to give Kadilen.

lol… I don’t think people will run color tanks after the war rules… but thanks

what about bai yeong? should I wait for odin thor etc?

I’m pretty sure everyone will still run color tanks…For which new war rule would color tanks be disadvantageous?

Are you planning on pulling heavily for them? If so then wait. If you are actively reaching loot tier 14 or above on titans, getting elemental chests on average every 7-10 days, reaching top 1% in tournament, and getting top1k rare/top500 epic/top100 legendary in challenge events, then you will probably have another set of darts by the time odin and thor release.

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