New heroes Atlantis at the gate

With the upcoming Atlantis summon gate, I’m wondering if the next 5* Atlantis heroes would be the Shark, Mok-Arr ( dark ) & one of the 2 other colors left that we didn’t get last month. ( Holly, & Fire )

I’m guessing Mok-Arr andeither Misandra or Tarlak. We haven’t seen a fourth S2 hero in beta, and it would be unprecedented for SGG to introduce a hero in production that we haven’t tested in beta.

Well, my first free pull with Atlantis tokens:

Still got 2 Atlantis token pulls left before I decide whether I want to hit 10s…

Smart move including Ares and Alby in this session, SG… Will definitely see the $$$ coming in :wink:

EDIT: Looks like I might not need to do 10 pulls now unless I’m really crazy about trying for Tarlak, Ares, & Alby… :thinking:

2nd pull gave me Graymane… W00T! (kidding)

3rd pull gave me Wilbur :smiley:

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I used my coins and got…Gato…sigh…then used 350 gems and got…Ulmer…

Used my 2 free coins and got Melia and Mnesseus. I’ve only done 4 pulls from Atlantis and bagged 4 Atlantis heroes in the process.

Edit : did a 10 pull, bagged another Namahage and Melia then my first Agwe and Gobbler, and also got my 3rd Grimm and dupe Melendor. Then a few 3 stars to feed.

I have Mok-Arr and Kashrek from my 200 coins

Did 44 total. They were so good I pulled all payment methods off of Google Play.


I bought the gem + 25 atlantis coins offers, it’s way better than the Events one. And got Gato from my “free” Atlantis summon.

Mok-Arr seems stupid, his special is not that special. Leaving aside the planning on how to use him (color stacking purple against a mostly yellow team), his damage to enemies is nothing great. If his damage was greater or he had some really great buff for allies/debuff for enemies it would be worth all the planning.


I did 90 pulls… only 3 legendaries.

Sartana (5th one)
Tarlak (4th one)
Khiona (1st one)

Was hoping for Mok-Arr & Khiona. Now that I got Khiona, my chances of pulling just Mok isn’t worth it.


Hello. New to this – started about a month ago.

So, tried – got some two-bit 2* troops, then Khiona popped on the bonus.

Did five more pulls and got Gadiepus and Proteus, both 4*. Then got a 3* Chochin. A Ga Poh and Graymane (both 3*) appeared in there.

I’m very pleased. Only one 5*, but only six pulls and, for me anyway – I gotta haul!

not done my pulls yet, i got three with coins and gems saved.

not sure that Mok Har is a great pull…don’t like his SP

i think he could be usefull in raid VS guegue the queen of broken balls, but, for the rest…

or maybe you can explain to me how he can be usefull…:smiley:

2 more legendaries than I got in 100 pulls…

Was actually hoping for Tarlak, Ares, or Alby, but beggars can’t be choosers though, eh… Especially on a free pull :smiley:

Hard to see a use for Mok-Arr atm, not even sure he would be useful as part of a Lagoon family team setup. He’s not my priority for leveling though… I got Sartana & Domitia from the elemental summon at the beginning of this month so will work on Sartana first. Was hoping to get Wilbur or Tarlak during this Atlantis event. Got the former on 3rd free pull so I can actually say it was a successful event for me.

My alliance leader got Ares after doing a pull of 20. Will probably try that out later. Have got the gems for it, just don’t have the space on my roster atm. Still need a red, green, & blue 5*

I had 2 pulls with tokens first one i got…
Drum rolls…

Next got gato
Then decided to use some gems and got my first 5* ever in the game!


How many new heroes have they put this month?
Only the 5* dark?

i think mok har is the first big troll of the 5 stars…:clown_face:

i’m not good to read his SP or …not only we are forced to play mass purple heroes with him…and besides…this stupid fish deal DMG to your non purple heroes?? :poop:

what a curious 5stars!

On yellow titan with decent other purple hero’s he might be nice…

He’s a great card if you want to run a mono team and on an anti-Guin team - don’t overlook the elemental link in that scenario as well.

44 pulls, no 5* and the AM chest is garbage

Mok-Arr is the only hero making his debut this month. Tarlak, Alberich and Ares are the other “rotating” 5*.

That damage is pretty serious, particularly on Average mana. Slow Quintus has a similar attack stat and deals 270%, compared to Mok’s 250%. Against Holy, there’s a big boost, too.

Yes, he works well in a purple stack. Try adding Wilbur and Khiona with him for extra fun.