New heroes Atlantis at the gate

Hello everyone! Does anyone knows who are the next new heroes for the Atlantis summon gate & who might be the re-release of the HOTM?

We never got a new Atlantis portal in beta so anything you hear as far as heroes is a guess.
The only other Atlantis hero we tested that wasn’t released was the Shark. My guess would be him, but I doubt it will be just one Atlantis hero, but who knows.

I’m not sure what changes were made to him, so this isn’t exactly 100% correct but should be close.

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I’m looking forward to trying out Sharknado!

What has beta’s experience been with him?

For me he was more of a toy to play with, just load up an all purple team with him. I didn’t care for him cause I’m not a fan of mono teams.

@JimMe, didn’t you get the memo about never ever posting screenshots from Beta?

They backed off that stance after season 2 was released, or so I thought.
Basically we have to let it be known that it isn’t official and could be changed.


@JimMe , Any idea who is the Old HOTM

The popular theory is that since the first release was June (Hel) and December’s (Perseus) hotm that it’ll be July (Athena) and January (Natalya).

I’m super curious about the Atlantis 5*s being released this month - Mokk Arrr should be one.

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Mok-Arr is a tricky hero to use. As @JimMe noted, he’s great in a purple mono team, though that makes him a very specialized hero. You can also use him cleverly with Wilbur and Khiona. Proof is left to the reader. :face_with_monocle:


Far as the old HotM pattern, we really need to see the nest two heroes to know the pattern.
It could be Thoth/Athena (flip purple blue)
Ares/Zeline (move to red/green)
Athena/Nat ( move forward 1 hero in each color)

We really just need to see what the pattern is. I’m leaning towards Thoth/Athena or Ares/Zeline pattern myself.

U take that back ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I only use mono vs you @Wormwood

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I heard it was going to be Athena and Natalya

If I had a team of 5 Mok-Arrs, that would likely force people who don’t like mono to go mono… :slight_smile:

I want him for my mono team. With Sartana, Aeron, Panther, Khiona. Been using a 3/70 Domitia/Obakan but would welcome the shark

I didn’t test this in beta but I wonder if you could use him with an attack team of triple purple, with Aeron as tank surrounded by two non dark heroes. Aeron would charge with Mok Arr and hopefully your heroes would be protected from the friendly damage. The damage isn’t a status so I have low hopes but someone should at least test it. At least Aeron would heal the minor Mok Arr friendly damage

I have a general question along these lines, has anyone ever fought an Atlantis hero in raid or war? 4 or 5 star? I’m a level 49, 2500 cup player, so you’d think I would have at least SEEN Tarlak or that 5 star lady in at least 1 lineup, but I never have. Has anyone else?

Tarlak is best when on an attack team… specifically against titans.

In our current war I see a maxed Tarlak on the enemy side. It’s like facing a Wu Kong… best to debuff it comes up… then he’s basically neutralized.

I’ve seen more Wilbur than Tarlak… probably the most Wilbur… but he is easy to counter as well with a +defense special, a cleanse special (even a dispel or -defense debuff on the enemy can turn it around).

Haven’t seen Misandra… Haven’t seen the other 4-stars.

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Yes I’ve seen Tarlak, Misandra and Wilbur used in a couple raid defense teams, but still fairly uncommon. I think Wilbur was the biggest pain in the butt for me.

I have fought tarlak and missandra