New Hero THOR 4* or 5*

Idea for new hero.

Attack, 890
Def, 950
HP, 1570
8/8 special, does 175% to all enemies,
Deals 25% damage return for 4 turns,
removes buff from all enemies,
increases mana by 25% to all allies

Shot in the park just for fun, I want the first one out but, lol

I think 25% manaregen to all allies is too much and 25% damage reflect is kinda nothing. Also I’d see Thor as a guy hammering one guy down with his hammer and not throw it weakly at all enemies. but a fun idea :wink:

Maybe its the “Bata-Male” edition of Thor

Lol, maybe, lets hope, i still want the first one but, lol

Sounds like Richard on steroids…

Lets not forget, he has electrifying effect that can take down many at once :wink:

Nice yessssssssssssss

Idea is nice but the stats are too high all other heroes have round about 700 700 1300 his stats are all way over.

Lolllll, I know, lol

He is god after all.

I love the idea of sore as a character and obviously we would want him very strong 890 is a lot I’m guessing that would be fully ranked up with emblems? Has anybody given any ideas about the name of his special move? I honestly think going simple but it’s powerful and epic really if you think about it but set on this call his special move… God of thunder!.. So I kind of quickly scrolled through I just didn’t see anybody asking this question but I am definitely all for a Thor character

God of Thunder … and Rock and Roll!

He’ll need 7" leather heels.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about this character and I have a lot of good ideas about him I have read other people’s ideas and some are cool but I really think a Thor character wood and could lead to a lot of other mythical god heros! As far as his special move I lean more towards attacking one opponent with damage to nearby opponents but it could also work with attacking all opponents because of course it would have to be lightning based and as we all know lightning can cause a lot of damage ! His defense and health only makes sense to be high as he is a God. I am all for this character along with other mythical god characters and would love to discuss this further. And I would absolutely love to try him out in a beta account which I unfortunately do not have but I have a lot invested into this game it would love to be able to give input and ideas to anybody interested in charge

I think this would be more do able with 790 attack 780 defense 1460 hit points. 155% damage to all enemies special THORS HAMMER. Holy fast or very fast mana. With a 25% mana drop. And a 10% mana increase for all Allie hero’s. Just a thought

Or Chuck Norris himself.
He even doesn’t need a special at all, he forces rerolls and every opponent will immediately hit flee.

Make a new thread:
Overpowered Hoax Heroes :wink:

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