New hero: Suzy Bomber

After finding out perfect riposte was being “nerfed” or fixed, a new idea came to mind.

This new 4* hero would have a similar special, but more interesting.

Name: Suzy Bomber
Mana Speed: Average

Special: Shrapnel Suit (3 turns)

  • When attacked, cause 200 damage (at special rank 8) to the attacker and minor damage to nearby enemies. Attacker and nearby enemies receive 99 damage over 3 turns.
  • When attacked, castor and nearby allies receive 99 damage over 3 turns.

Power: 535
Defense: 610
Health: 1080

Thoughts? Artists? :wink:

?? I haven’t seen this, and I thought I had read most everything about V15.

I shouldn’t have put “being” as it was addressed in the update. :slight_smile:
It’s somewhat disguised, not calling the specials by name.
It affects Obakan, Elena, Cyprian, Boril.
It was a bug, I suppose, and should have been fixed. It’s just a kick in the wee bits for already not great heroes.

Anyway, new hero idea! Woo! :smile:

FWIW, I fully agree that Riposte is an over-rated skill by whatever internal balance meter SG uses. Obakan would be a solid hero if he cast on nearby or had Sumitomo’s mana rcovery trick. I like the concept here, though the name is a little out of genre.



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