New hero - Suggestions

My ideas:

  • Juggernaut:
    ”Spooky Appearance”
    Deals 280% damage to target and nearby enemies.
    Giving the any hero standing on his right side + 80% Attack and -50% Defence for 4 turns.
    Any hero to his left gets +80% Defence and -50% Attack for 4 turns.

  • Cesar
    ”Debt Collector”
    Deals 400% damage to taget and less damage to nearby enemies.
    During 4 turns the targets drains 10% of either their mana, life, attack or defence and gives it to Cesar.

  • The Butcher
    ”Happy butchery”
    Deals 450% damage to single target.
    For 6 turns his normal attack does 100% more damage and have a very small chance of inflict 1000% damage.
    During 6 turns he cannot gain mana.

  • EVIL Knievel
    Recovers 38% to all allies.
    For 5 turns he is now not only (for example) Holy but also the color of the hero to his right.
    He gain +65% Attack and -35% Defence.

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