New hero special

Hello people

What do you think about a hero that is special make the same efect as you pop a diamond, and all tiles from that colour atacked.
This could be a really game changer.

opinions please

How would it be used by the AI on defense? Biggest catch to these hero ideas and would the hero be OP?

in deffense he could do the same thing, all the tiles from is colour will hit your heroes.
thats real OP, and really funny.

just a idea.

That will make him too OP. I would suggest that on defense his special would remove HALF of the same element colored tiles and replace them with other colored stones.

Avoid instant cascades or diamond popping by implementing it with a prevention rule.

Or perhaps freeze all/some of the tiles that are strong against the hero, using the winter event’s ice-block mechanics.

EDIT: This suggests we’re looking at an Ice hero (blue).

Special: Ice Storm

  • On offense, x% of Ice tiles on the board will attack
  • On defense, y% of Nature tiles on the board will freeze

where x and y increase with the Special level and result in a balanced hero. Note that the offensive side has a weakness: your hero just got mana from blue tiles dropping, so your board may be deficient in blue. It may be prudent to hold this special for a few turns to let the blue tiles repopulate (just as it’s not always wise to pop a gem as soon as it forms).

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That would actually be a great idea, especially because SG is already familiar with it. :+1:

OOhhhh, annoying as heck, but a clever idea.

So in atack realease all tiles from that colour .
in defense freeze all tiles from weak colour.
the idea is growing.

“All” may be too many to freeze (or release). But that’s a tunable parameter.

I just remembered that I proposed a similar design after the winter event last year:

Personally, I’m not a fan of guaranteed board control. However, I am in favor of manipulating probabilities of certain tiles spawning into the screen. I think part of what makes E&P, well, E&P, is that board randomness. This skill would allow the player to guarantee too much about the board and would take away a fundamental part of the game.

I’m not so that the heroes control the game board. We would create a hero who controls the blue diamonds then another hero who will control the green diamonds and so on. So the person who will have all the heroes who control the board will be on to win. game will not be more interesting. I think that if you have to make a change to the board it’s more of new combinations like for example the fact of rattling two heads of dragons has the effect of eliminating all the gems of the horizontal and vertical line. or hitting two diamonds eliminates all the gems of the two diamond colors. things like that

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