New Hero special Ability

Fast or very fast
Minor heal to self over few turns + minor defence buff for self
For X turns donate mana gained to heroes next to this hero.

Put this on a guy with a “tanky” profile, and you have a guy, who’s job is to make the flankers look good. Personally I’d make him a fat priest with a hatchet face.

Whaddya think?

Interesting, sounds like an empath. It’d be cool to actually increase the amount of mana generated - give 70% to each adjacent ally for a total of 150%.


I know there already are heroes, which boost mana, but it would be different to boost it at hero’s own expense. This would many make fast heroes paired with him hyper fast for a few turns, but at a significant cost, since the guy himself would do nothing but drool :slight_smile:

I don’t know there might be other mechanics which would boost others at a hero’s expense :thinking: It’s quite common thing in role playing games like D&D

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