New Hero Sort By — Color

In the hero menu, add COLOR as a new sort by. Heroes will be moved into vertical columns by color — the highest power rainbow team up top, and the next highest of each color underneath it’s same color. Blue directly underneath blue. Red under red. Etc. Thus left-right sorts by color and top-bottom sorts by power. Empty black dragon banner tiles will be used at the bottom and if necessary (for iPads) on the side to create padding. This will allow me to directly see what colors I am strong in.

That would be a great rainbow sorting and you also could see, on which of your heroes the matchmakings will be done.

Would be a nice feature, but not worth a vote due to not being game changing and not very important, since you are already able to do this by filling your teams with rainbows by strength and then sorting by elements.


+1 !!!
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Yea. Not a gamechanger. Agree. Hopefully the devs will be more likely to accept it because it poses little risk of destroying the game balance, and high likelihood of increasing their reputation for good design.

Not game changing but helpful nonetheless. Take my vote.


A new tab for each element would be great.


From me as well. I think there could be 2 or three new sorting options that would be useful - also having the sort screen more accessible when you’re feeding heroes

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There’s color sorting…but with the teams it doesn’t work well. For me, a checkbox for “put teams on top yes/no” for all sorts of sortings would be sufficient…
But your solution is also nice :slight_smile:


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