New hero - Snowrose - generous fairy

Since christmas is around the corner and new christmas heroes (or new year if you dont celebrate christmas), I designed one, which purpose is to celebrate and share happines amongs everybody and of all races (thinking of elements) :slight_smile:

Since most of people enjoy santa, she makes the stage for him, so he really delivers :slight_smile:

Stats of Alice
Talent : Sorcerer
Fast :
Special skill - Warm welcome : Deals 130% dmg to all enemies. Reduces elemental defense for all elements by 28% for 3 rounds.
All christmas heroes gets 12% mana (inlcuding her).

Idea of her is, she goes down the chimney first (since she is small) and checks surrondings if everyone is asleep. Then comes the Santa and delivers the gifts to everyone with a BANG :slight_smile:

From collectors perspective, she would be especially valuable to those who go rainbow on offensive raids. They could go for a team : Fairy, Norns, Chameleon,… heroes who play around elements :slight_smile:

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