Any players may experincing that the tile board is not set according with the colours of heros,
which are brought specially in
Allience war attacks,
Titan attacks
Special events and etc. Some may loose in battles and some may win because of luck by chance.This may irritating and frustrating to the players.
I know there are lot of heros created to help of players in battling, such as Alberich, his speciallty is imortal by reviving the down of heros to the battels and increase the health of heros. Boldtusk, Kiril, Wu Kong and Tarlak have speciallty to increase the attacking power of heros and troops. Guinvera, Hell, Hancel, Peter, Merlin have speciallity to reduce or stop mana generation for certain time or mute powers of the heros.
But none of the heros that created to help to set of the tile board. Like shuffling the tiles and recreating the new tile board. I know there has battle item called Tornados to help the shuffle tile board. But battle items are not allowed in Raids and Allience wars. Therfore, my suggestion is to design a new hero with having special ability to create a new tile board. Then players of empire and puzzles will love to have him in their hero roaster. Please consider my suggestion and Thank you.
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And answer me the most important question. What this hero will do in defence team where are no board to shuffle? I had same idea but…

Good point. Maybe he could decrement all the attack counters on his side by one (or has a 50% chance of decrementing each attack counter) or similar?

Maybe let titans become put of the team i personally liked the Alpha Griffin

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