New hero Rumpelstiltskin


I’m just curious what everybody’s thoughts are on Rumpelstiltskin I would just like some feedback to see what everybody thinks whether he’s worth ascending or not thank you for your input


I bet he’s annoying as h3ll with all his special skill randomness… you need to strike hard your opponent but it heals your team a bit --> fail :smile:

He’s different and interresting though, i would ascend him if i had him. I got Red Hood, so i’m doing her instead :wink:


I actually think he is very fun and will ascend him to tier 3-70:-)


He give his best when defending but while attacking seems, uhm… unreliable.

He have good effects but his randomness makes you want to ponder the chances to obtain 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 useful special.

Try to not overlap him with heroes that could decrease his utility.


Fun to play with, but thats it.

Having already monsters like Magni/Athena/Arthur/Alasie/Isarnia/Master Lepus in the blue faction make him kinda worthless.


His randomness is not very impressive to me. I’ve gone against him in a few raids and he wasn’t a concern. Granted they weren’t fully leveled but even with a max special he didnt do much. Personally I think he is a throw away 5* like Boss Wolf.


Sadly he’s a good character but seems to use the star card 4 out of 5 times . Makes it hard for me to use him.


I’d think boss wolf on a double tank setup would be awful to go up against.
He’s just a huge sponge who if buffed by others will be very difficult to dispatch.


Different, funny, unreliable. I have enough luck built into my strategies with Wu, so no thank you Rumpelstiltskin.


I love him. The avatar is cool and very fun to play with.


I like him. I use him with Isarnia so that they both get full mana at the same time so that even if rumpelstiltskin rolls stars I can use the effect immediately


Hi everyone! I just got Rumpelstiltskin and I was wondering what heros he would be good to combine with? I have Guinevere, Sabina, Little Jon and Colen in my first team. Also what characters is Guinevere good to combine with else? I’d appreciate any comments and feedbacks!



Your line up should looking :
Sabina, rumpelstiltskin, guinevere, colen , little john


Thanks for the feedback!