New hero mechanics

Can we get more high risk, high reward heroes? (like wu kong) cause personly I think we need more of those special.

Maybe with some debuff like 0 mana gain for x turns, or something like a double edge sword efk. + a good buff.

And a buff can be lifesteal to the party. (If they cant gain mana)

Pls help with more debuff cant come up with any more rigrh now.

Heheh, they already have this, run 3 or 4 of the same color hero, bad boards are a huge risk, but you can kill heroes in 6/9 tile hits, it’s glorious.

But u still gain mana on 3-4 heroes.

And its not really a hero mechanics, it more a player strategy u come up with.

I was being silly, sorry. Implying that you’re taking the risk of no mana gain or damage when the only tiles you can play are for missing heroes.


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