NEW HERO - Kalimot, keeper of the grove

Next green hero of the month

Attack 708
Def 767
HP 1425

Innate passive : recieving fiend, grants him 50 hp, small mana gain and removes fiend from him and nearby allies.
Innate passive : takes 25% extra dmg from poison. Any buff grants him small mana gain and 50 hp

Class : Cleric
Speed : Average
Special : Deals 225% dmg to target and nearby enemies. Summons 10% HP and 30% Att minion sappling for all allies. Sappling minion grants all allied minions 30% defense versus specials. All allies have immunity vs minion removal spells/abilites for 3 turns.

FIRST HERO TO COUNTER MINION REMOVE HEROES (something to counter Grimble, Gobblers, C. Gormek, Noor, Captain of Diamonds, okayish vs SKADIs too.
Gefjon is minion steal, so that would bypass, sorry :wink:

Gives you option to go find a minion defense, that can actually work (not just bera/freya tanks as exception to the rule). But care of the dispells, before minion removal comes knocking :slight_smile:

VOTE FOR HIM and make him come alive :slight_smile: Also comment, how you find him?

Usually my heroes come into game sooner or later :smiley:

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