New Hero idea

The leader of my alliance (Generalskrasky) has suggested a chameleon type hero. This hero would have the ability to change color and with the color change their special skill would also change. Once mana’d up they could choose the color they want to become. I like this idea. Maybe you could do something with it.

Hi, newbie here. My improvement idea is regarding special skills that attack all opponents. It could be improved that hero has a special skill that creates a certain amount of damage that is split per the amount of opponents. If you kill some opponents then special skill will do more damage to the existing

I would love to see a new hero with powers similar to the tornado. Maybe someone who would be the ultimate randomized by tornadoing the board and adding a Wu Kong-like gamble. Throw a little chaos into the game.

Another fun one would be a hero (or maybe monster) that could freeze random times, similar to many other match 3 games where you would have to match the tile before it could be used. It would effectively reduce the number of hits an opponent could use in a raid which would be exceptionally aggravating since it is already often hard to get the matches I would hope for.

Along the same lines, it would be cool to have the power to change tiles to different colors, along the lines of the chameleon you mentioned. Yikes! Make for more power setups and require some serious strategizing.

Just a few thoughts.

How about a duel color priest… purple and yellow… lower attack because of duel… special: sacrifice hero with lowest remaining go all heroes gain 85% mana