New Hero Idea - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 🐎

Just bouncing some ideas


Death, Famine, War and Pestilence

Great opportunity for some great art work, interesting rules and interaction.

Death: nature, direct damage, all enemy troop bonus inverted X 3 i.e. a +10 attack becomes - 30

War: Red, triples troop bonus for allies

Famine: dark, all tiles count as weak damage

Pestilence: holy, the hp of one random enemy is given to all enemies. I.e if the enemy has 750 health remaining, all enemies match that hp.

I bet someone could think of some better ideas.

Reminds me of one of my favorite LPs…

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I’m unfamiliar with those artists.

Maybe they could also be new heroes :thinking:


+1 from me. Great idea @JonahTheBard.
Maybe we could add a 5th in there for a complete family bonus?

Maybe Providence, has the ability to resurrect dead allies (alberich style) green horse of course :wink:

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A fifth horseman…

War, famine, pestilence, death and…

  • Climate change
  • Statistics
  • Stepping on Lego
  • Phone addiction
  • Space Force

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The only thing worse than stepping on a lego at 3am is stepping on a stegosaurus. My entire household can verify…mostly from the decibels of the yelling.

But I recalled reading somewhere about the “5th horseman”.

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You mean a Stegosaurian.


Touché my good Sir!! Touché :joy:

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That’s some lovely artwork :slight_smile:

If Providence can defeat the Lego Stegosaurus, she’s in :laughing:

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As a family stable this would be F’N cool! :sunglasses::+1:


No pun intended huh @Dudeious.Maximus? :joy::joy::joy:

Actually wasn’t didn’t realise till just now! :joy:
Would be cool though if they did them that 5th one was a good choice!
The only problem I have is if they did do all 5! Is that I WANT ALL 5 !
Haha prob have to remortgage the house!

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I was thinking the same thing!! I’m really only spending for Summons during Atlantis or Events. But THAT event would break the bank on my spending, plus the divorce would be expensive too :wink:

This would be a cool family but which would be the 5*?

How about Death and Taxes for the 5*?



Steals a percentage of your mana based on your player level. The higher the level the more mana is stolen. Affects all except those who are unlucky in summoning.


Lol, that’s great!! Now copyright it…Quick!!!

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I expect a formal acknowledgement when this hero appears in the Event Portal :grin:

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Wrong thread dude :yum: :sweat_smile:


Here’s an idea for a 3* - Stubbed Toe

Special could be called Stumble
Prevents opponent from fleeing the battle for 4 turns.

Handy for raid and AW defense.

Although he’s more of a Dog Cart driver of the Apocalypse really

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He would have to be slow mana, otherwise his special is wasted.