New hero disappeared

Earned Tudan from training camp and chose my red hero to level up. When I scrolled down to select Tudan, he was gone. He lasted seconds. Where did he go? AWOL. Someone put out an ABP!

Today almost same happened to me. I got some hero ( think it was Gan Ju ) with token, claimed it and it vanished. Happened to me today about 1.30 pm GMT.

Just happened again. Got 2 heroes in daily VIP summons ans as soon as I scrolled to feed them, poof! Gone! Plus the one that just came out of TC left with those 2. Three heroes lost in the blink of an eye. Cannot log into support. No response to my support email from the first time it happened. Very disheartening. You would think that the highest grossing game would offer better tech support and make good on its flaws. Shame on the developers.

And another just bit the dust coming out of TC. Certainly, this is not only happening yo me.

You may have already checked, however if not:

In game you can access your Activity Log: Menu, Options, Support, Recent Activity. This will list what you received, etc.

Thank you. It lists out items rewarded or purchased. It does not include daily VIP summon pulls or anything that comes out of our own training camps, which is where my absent not-so-hero soldiers originated.

It does, actually, but it has to be a 3* or above.

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Click “more” if it has passed for some time.

What star is the hero?

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I can confirm this. It’s how I found out I had received Sartana when I didn’t even realise it!


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