New hero classes

excuse me for my english, I would like that there would be new heroes that are hybrids, that is to say that they belong to two or more classes at the same time, if you like the idea you could give me one of at least four stars since I have very bad luck in the roulette rolls, thank you

What so you mean hybrids?
And what do you mean with class?

Heros that combine multiple special attack effects?
Heros that generate mana from multiple tile colors?
Heros that preserve their level, speed and ability, but can switch color?


I’d like you to clarify your idea so we know what you mean.

In the meantime, if you are having bad luck summoning 4* heroes, you can try the Training Camp lottery to get 4* heroes: Level up one or more training camps to lvl 13, and feed them until you get a 4* (mine took two TC13 a month, but I got a 4*! Yay!)

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I mean your first 2 questions, heroes of two or more types, with their strengths and weaknesses, and also have mana of the colors they have, can make very powerful heroes and give much play

Yes, I have the training camp in lvl 12, but I spent many crystals and always appears 3* heros, I Play every day and I have only a 4* hero

A Lvl 12 Training Camp gives guaranteed 3* heroes.

Lvl 13 Training Camp gives mostly 3*, with a chance at 4*. It took me one month, running two TC13 to get ONE 4*. Others are more lucky. :wink:

I came across this older post and I think what he means is a hero that is of two elements. Like Grimm being an ice hero, the new hero would be both fire and ice for example. I’ve seen another post where they suggested a hero of all elements that does equal damage to all monsters. Sounds like and idea to me!

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My last reply was to his last question. :wink:

EDIT: See here for brief mention of hybrid heroes more recently:

Scaling Season 2

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