New hero AMEONNA - what the heck does she do?


Thanks guys for sharing your experience about her.

I have Ameona too, she is at 2.46. Kind a doubt before to levelled up her. But now I’m sure she is a pretty useful hero.

Btw… I like the way she look. Reminds me of " The Ghost" movie.

…oooh my love. My daarliingg… I hunger fooorr… Your touch…

Ok, I’ll stop singing that song


Thanks guys!


ameonna very fashion, it remind me " sadako " from the ring…love his face

got her too, but not a priority to level up, too many 4* more versatile before

but in raid she could be a pain !!


Purple update. Dupe sartana just fell out of tc20 lol


Great :+1:
In the mean time, I got another Cyprian from TC 20 and 2x Sabina in 5 summons on Grimm Forest … So I am still going for 2 Ameonna…


Friend @kerridoc could you help me understand the meaning of the word IMO? thank you very much


IMO = in my opinion… sometimes used as “IMHO” or “in my humble opinion”


I just pulled the little stealth bomber… anyone got more to add now she’s been out a couple of months?


She’s a specialist 4*. Highest base attack stat of any 4*, fast mana special which makes her invincible and boosts her attack further and yes the AI will target her while she’s ghost and waste specials on her. If you’re stacking purple on a titan, she’s a good addition unless your roster is stacked heavy with 5* purples. I think she shines most in events. Again, because of her attack stat. Most event winning teams are mono color. If you’re competing in epic with a purple stack, I think 1 copy of her is ideal.


I just pulled her today. I’m excited to see how she plays. She’s only my third 4*, but my first Atlantis and purple 4* to boot. I’m excited to see how she plays in the coming months. I stuck her on my main team so I can level her up, switching her and a fully ascended Balthazar out when I need to.



I kind of like her because she’s fun but she’s squishy. On titan, it’s ok because you can active her skill with mana potion. In raid, it’s more tricky but if you stack her with another purple you can use her high tile damage even if she’s dead because it happens…

I use her on yllow titans (5* and 6*) and wars, no more on raids because I prefer Proteus (glad I have the luck to pull him after her) who is way more a game changer.
In raids, I got some epic finish (victory or defeat) with her, last sitting, it was fun. For stacking 2 purple, I prefer her to Tibs. Sabina + Ameonna was a good tandem, it works well with Rigard too.

I will max my second Ameonna, when I will finish Sartana, for yellow Titan ( and wars) before my duplicate of Tibs, Rigard and Sabina.

In the 4* purple roster, for me, she’s Fifth, my ranking is Proteus, Rigard, Tibs, Sabina, Ameonna. Only because, she doesn’t help the team like the others.
In the meantime, you can let her alone in your team and she can help you a lot. It is like a team 4 + 1.

Overall, I think she isn’t finished, she need a little tweak to be very good. A little bit of healing or mana generation while in ghost mode will not be a luxury, imho. But, she stays a good hero for me and she is a good addition to my team.

I hope this will help you…


As others have said she is weak since healing doesn’t effect ghost form and buffs don’t effect her.

Items don’t effect her in ghost form but she can trigger them. But too low defense & HP for revive scrolls.

I didn’t really see her usefulness for Titans until we fought reflect red rare titan 6* Ancient tiger with special skill Sable slasher ( damage all enemies, debuff all enemies mana generation, reflect all color damage ). Where my team was dying in droves even with two 42% Healers and two dispellers since no battle item removes enemy reflect all color damage buff.

She appears to be designed to take out 4* reflect damage/ counter act enemies like Boril, Sumitomo ( she is weak against Cyprian ).

She would be more useful if she was Red/ Green/ Blue since reflect purple challenge event Pirates is also her weak color. This may be on purpose, or by chance, to keep her from being over powered.

Ancient Tiger - How best to beat it?

She won’t be replacing a team full of 5* purples, and she certainly won’t make any defensive lineups but she’s insane for higher level yellow titans, and she is really good for purple stacking on raids if you’re still on 4* heroes. She’s worthless for defense because they can choose to just hold their specials for when ghost dissipates, then one shot her squishy corporeal form and while she is ghost, they are “ghosting” tiles and charging all of their specials


Love that!

20 squishy characters


My Ameona at 4/35. I’am happy with her.
The purple tiles really loves her.
The yellow element really hates her.

A bit tricky on titans while her health was low and she in a ghost mode, Rigard can’t heal her.
I can’t heal her too with potion.

Everybody confused, including the titan…

So, we just waiting her to show up again.
The titan can see her again and kill her without Rigard being able to heal her.

It’s ok for me because I already know the consequencies playing with ghost will give me some headache.

Fortunately, the purple tiles still convey her attacking stats even though she was dead.

There’s a ghost soul in purple tiles.
And people can tile ghosting to kill ghost on a raid. Killing ghost with ghosting tiles.

Yeah… I told you before. Playing with ghost will give you headache.

But I like her.
Her face always smiling… Looks like she is a funny girl.
Too bad, she was ghost :grin:


You should be able to heal her as soon as she gets out of ghost, which ends AFTER the enemy attack phase before you make your next move, unless they’ve changed her since I last saw. If you’re gonna use potions on her, just use mana instead and leave her permanently buffed and immortal vs titans. No need to ever heal her, just let the Rigard die or better yet bring someone with an offensive ability, buff, or debuff.


I never think of that before :laughing:

Thanks mate for the tips. Will try using her with mana potion rather than to heal her


This! And if you manage to make foes waste their special and delay their attack timer while also ghost 4 purple tiles you can enter the ghost loop and win impossible fights :slight_smile:


24 hours later, having read the above advice and got quite keen… I pulled Proteus and I think he’ll probably jump the queue!


Now I’ve been thingking to take Ameonna to Atlantis underwater stage.

Did ghost can survive underwater? :thinking:
I’ll figure it out soon :grin:


Sometimes it’s funny the titan slap Ameonna while she was in a ghost mode.

I just like: “hahaha stupid titan, didn’t know she was ghost. Go slap her beyoooootttcchh”

Ameonna becoming a slap bait to save her friends from being slapped by the titan.
It kind of some bonus for me thou :grinning: