New hero AMEONNA - what the heck does she do?


Thanks guys for sharing your experience about her.

I have Ameona too, she is at 2.46. Kind a doubt before to levelled up her. But now I’m sure she is a pretty useful hero.

Btw… I like the way she look. Reminds me of " The Ghost" movie.

…oooh my love. My daarliingg… I hunger fooorr… Your touch…

Ok, I’ll stop singing that song


Thanks guys!


ameonna very fashion, it remind me " sadako " from the ring…love his face

got her too, but not a priority to level up, too many 4* more versatile before

but in raid she could be a pain !!


Purple update. Dupe sartana just fell out of tc20 lol


Great :+1:
In the mean time, I got another Cyprian from TC 20 and 2x Sabina in 5 summons on Grimm Forest … So I am still going for 2 Ameonna…


Friend @kerridoc could you help me understand the meaning of the word IMO? thank you very much


IMO = in my opinion… sometimes used as “IMHO” or “in my humble opinion”