New Help with team

New to the game and trying to get a good team built up. Was wondering if I could get some advice on hero placement. Have a few 4s no 5s.

Thank you.

Where the 3* heroes at?
My views on this is that you should put your 4* heroes in your first team once they’ve reached at least 3/60. Bane at max is much better than Hu Tao at the stage he is right now.
Are you trying to built a defense team? Focus on Boldtusk immediately and Chao its all around better than Hu Tao [tho Hu Tao in my exp could be a pain in defense if he goes off].

I’dd say Sabina Grimm Boldtusk Chao Colen [once they reached at least 3/60].
Buddy is good too but i dont have any exp with him…
Tiburtus is another one you should focus later after you finish Grimm.


First 6 I’d level


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