New Harvester! Best time to use?

In case you guys missed it:

  • Harvester relics now work in Season 2 and Season 3 but the effect doesn’t stack with Atlantis Rises.

Announcement source:

So glad I saved mine! Does anyone know best time to use? Is it Valhalla Forever, or regular S2 levels since S3 rewards for items seem like trash in comparison.

Also does harvester increase Valhalla Forever emblems, coins, etc?

I presume that if it doesn’t affect Atlantis Rises, it won’t affect Valhalla Forever.

sadly it won’t work. SG should have made it work for Valhalla Forever


If anything, I’d like to see a XP Harvester

Not till new release

I still have all of my harvesters. Have no reason to use them

Is a step up, I mainly farm season 2 anyways… But not for food or iron

I think aswell it’s just food and Iron ones…

Not till new release

Atlantis explicitly mentioned but Valhalla left out. Should work for Valhalla

Harvesters doesn’t work in VF either. The screen has been updated in V35.

Can you show me? The past still only says Atlantis.

Thanks yours must have come out earlier than mine. In game it still says S1 only.

So what’s the best place to farm? S2 regular stages then or am I missing an S3 stage somewhere?

Still no place to use it for me.
Since VF was not as good as AR, i thought maybe they will let them stack with it.

But of course not.
Upgrade not really an upgrade.

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I think that item&omnia harvester should be used on Atlantis - there are maps which give special ingredients, so it’s good to pursue those with the 50% increase.

Recruits harvester should be preserved for S1 8-7 IMHO.

Iron Harvester seems best to use on S1 17-1.

Food Harvester not so sure, I think there was a S2 15-9 on Hard discussion, but I’d let more experienced players have a saying on this one.

Also, in my book the right time to use a Harvester is when:

  1. There is no major event running with World Energy flags such as Atlantis Rising or Challenge event
  2. There are no good quests present or have been just completed
  3. I have all my World Energy restored to the fullest

Meaning the recent Valhalla portal opening for example was such a good time to use a Harvester or two, since it was only a portal and no event attached to it. Other events which are nice to work together with the Harvesters are the Ninja Tower and the Mythic titan since both use different than WE flags.

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Well, the Harvesters are ideal on days where there are no events. The problem is, no one or very few will spend flasks just to exploit the 24-hr duration of the said Harvester. People will tend to use flask or buy WE refill primarily on Atlantis Rising, monthly challenge events and maybe in Valhalla Forever.

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Good point. Better to keep saving them until they make it stackable with AR

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