New hardware advice needed

Just looking for guidance here.

Looks like I’m going to need some new hardware as CEO Trump of America LLC seems determined to use all the power he has (plus some he hasn’t) to destroy a business rival.

My options are…

  1. Apple
  2. Samsung.
  3. Wait until the dust settles after November.

Guess this should be a poll but I’m not sure how to do one.

My current setup is:
Huawei phone (P10 plus) and watch (Watch 2).
Amazon Fire tablets
Windows 10 laptops.

Nothing wrong with any of them (except Fire tablets are a little slow and restricted) but happy to upgrade all bar Windows 10.

Guidance,tips,opinions and experiences welcome.

I’m UK based so some products may not be available to me.

I have a Samsung S9 and have no issues with it both IRL and in game stuff :slight_smile:

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E&P doesn’t require that much. I have a Moto X4 and no issues (actually Motorola phones have a very good performance for Android, cameras are not very good though).

Best Huawei with Google Services activated is P30 Pro

Although it already a year past on market, but still fair capable device unless you want to switch to another brand for the sake of upcoming 5G radio of things then OnePlus maybe your second choice of consideration.

I’m not a fan of both anyway, personally running game on aged iPhone but use Sony Android for other things.

Thanks @zenithciiz, sadly I feel that I am forced to move away from Huawei by a foreign dictator, I have no problems with my existing kit and probably wouldn’t need to upgrade for a while under normal circumstances.

The loss of Google services on new phones is not the short term worry, even the loss of SD card support is not a big issue with the amount of onboard memory, but if there is a block on updates to apps you already have then that is a different story. If apps are not available on the Amazon store (for Fire tablets, which are basically Android) then I can’t see everyone making their apps available on the Huawei store (even if Trump would let them!).

So my question to all the people of the forum, a great range of knowledge and experience, is where do i go?

All 3 devices from 1 manufacturer? If so, which one?
Matching phone/smartwatch but different tablet?
All 3 different brands?

I’m sure people can tell me which combinations work well together and which to absolutely avoid - there’s a wealth of experience here.