New Halloween Hero's

Finally the halloween event has been released after waiting all week. Their is 3 new heros Valad, Valeria, and Victor. They all seem to have very similar special attacks but with each hero * it gets more powerful. I can sort of see how the heros could be useful but are they really worth doing a bunch of pulls for the 5* that has one of the lowest hero chance drops ever.


I only planned to used saved up epic tokens. I had 3. This was my first pull! I was excited to get any of the special event heroes.

I just like to have unique heroes since I’ve nearly given up on being lucky enough to summon a 5*. Just gotta level up that TC!

General consensus among people who care about cups/placing in the top is that Victor is a must have if you’re having trouble devestating Guinevere tank teams.


I got victor, Valeria (2) and vlad (2) on 40 pulls. Plus another Aegir

Man I really want ur aegir

Be happy to trade him to you. How about for a pair of feeder 3’s?

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I wish we could trade heros but it would break the game

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I got a token from mystic vision, tried it on the event. Did not get Victor. Maybe on the token from finishing the event.

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