🗿 New Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

I’m more looking to see more recent experiences on this particular event, because I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of runs before in all of the previous new challenge events, and it’s noticeably different this time around.

RNG? I blasted through rare and saw 3 chests. Who knows?

It seems super interesting to me how in that thread there are both people with similar experience as me before ( about 1 in 20) and as me now (100 runs nothing)…

With nothing in between. It’s either or. Either there’s some sort of selective bias at play, or there almost seems to be some sort of seed value that puts you in either camp. Although that’s bordering on tin-foil hat level, the number of runs seem pretty significant on both extremes to be attributed purely towards RNG

But thanks for the link!

Yeah, you never know. Things can change for sure.

Finished Rare and Epic with zero chests, never seen this low drop rate.

I followed up the horrible 10 pull with 4 singles, but this time got Wu Kong, Chao and 2 Bat all of whom I can actually use, so not all is wasted. Probably will not pull anymore and save rest of what I have for Atlantis.

I finished rare, epic and legendary with only 2 chests in total, so yes, they maybe discreased the drop rate.

Had 31 coins from last couple of events. Been saving to use them for Guardians. Been playing over a year and couldn’t get any Guardians except Guardian Kong. My wife has a ton of Falcons and doesn’t even like them or want to level them up!

Finally used my coins early this morning and got Falcon for the second coin pull! Looking forward to using him!

Now I’m debating if I want to do a 10 pull or 2 and try for some of the other guardians.

Completed rare in single go and got 3 chest . Had 17 coins earlier and did 2 pulls and got 2 3*.

@AngelOfDark666 I was not expecting what I got in the first x10 pull. I intend on keeping all three Jackals and Panther just bulldozed Grimble out of my dark queue to level up after Rigard gets maxed (completing rare got me my trap tool I needed to get Rigard to 4th tier).

Overall I am very happy with my results. I was so hyped last night when I got Jackal and Panther that I think my neighbors heard me. :joy::joy::joy::joy: I just need Falcon to complete my green titan mono team. Panther completed my holy titan mono team.

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A bit of a bonanza this Event. In 40 pulls, I landed:
4 Falcons (dupes)
3 Bats
2 Jackals (dupes but YAY!)
1 Panther on the last 10 pull

I would have liked Gazelle but Panther was the prize I wanted.


Panther seems tough, but Owl was squishy, I was surprised (also mono red)…

Weird, I noticed the exact same thing. I needed to fire 7 sniper’s specials to kill Panther.

Same on epic: BT, Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett, Kelile - and Panther was extremely hard to fight on lvl 5. I needed almost 2 rounds of specials (with tiles in between to charge the heroes). Very weird. Normally that mono stack is devastating.

1st Attempt rare last stage 15 without using any items.

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Started with legendary because i don’t try to have a good rank there.
All easy except the last level. The bosses are killing me there.
I took Proteus, kage, wilbur, boldtusk and gormek.
Maybe switch gormek with some healer. Maybe kiril.
Wil try it for the third time now.

I’m very happy with my pulls. 2x10, and I got Jackal who’s been hiding so many times before. And what a joy, I just finished Joon so soon I’ll be able to try that famous Jackal-Joon combo.

I also got Guardian Kong. I know he is not popular but I think he might be interesting addition to my mono red. Boldtusk-Wilbur-Falcon-Anzogh-GK sounds lethal to me. And there is even some family bonus.


At first I thought it would be the same again as always. No problem until you reach stage 15. And so I even spend diamonds to go through the bosses. It was really painful this time. The bosses always fired, when my hero was about to fire, then he was dead.

Second attempt I went full dark Mono. Walk in the park! Lesson learnt!


Day1 done, headache, can’t see straight anymore :woozy_face: used my 12 flasks. Might replay some epic/leg and hope to stay in top1000-500-1000, always my goal, judging by last events I will still need points epic/leg, rare should be set :slightly_smiling_face:



Would you mind posting your scores for rare?



i would suggest bringing 3 types of mana pots to keep proteus activated at all times, and time stops or res scrolls in case proteus gets killed.