🗿 New Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Until it comes out, you can use this:


that is perfect! thank you @bobiscool !

3x10 pulls. Not a single 4* or 5* event hero.

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It’s in the top post of this thread.

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The updated chart is now in Zephyr’s first post at the top of this thread.

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I hate you!!! This is my pull

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Ten pull got repeats of Boldtusk(2nd), Sabina(4th?), and Skittleskull(5th?), plus Bat(1st). Third token pull got Falcon(1st). Got yet another Chao(9th?) off one of the other tokens. Since don’t consider a 2nd Falcon to be as valuable as a 1st Gretel, will save pulls for Fables. If I had pulled Jackal instead, I’d have kept pulling here.

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They picked different words instead.

lvl1 = “Dispel”

lvl2 = “Remove“


I just ran it through the simulator. Pull 16 delivered Jackal, 23 delivered Falcon and 25 gave a Vela HOTM bonus. Not enough for me to take a gamble now; I just used up my good luck.

is there a list of roughly how many points we need per stage for top 1000 or whatever per difficulty?

Also, has there been a nerf for coin drops? In the past 4 events, I’ve averaged about 1 coin per 15-20 battles over hundreds of battles. This time, I’ve gone through like 60-70 and not a single coin.

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Had my worst ever luck with the 10 pull. 9 S1 3* heroes and my 4th Little John. All fed to Kingston immediately.
Will grind some tokens for a few more single pulls. Kind of expected this would happen, but still disappointed.

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This time I was not let down and pulled some nice heroes! Stay tuned, I’ll post my results soon

Same here. Past event i got at least two chest before i finish rare one. This time none

Has this event an increasded difficulty? Grimforest rare wasnt as difficult . I had to finish with some arrows and potions .While Grimm i did witouth items And i have 3* with emblems .

Costume hawkmoon +9 , brienne +9, belith, Barden,jahgnir. This is my team for this rare event

Hi! Does anyone have an updated rewards chart for Guardians?

about 100 runs at rare 3 now, 0 coins. =/ I was depending on using all my flasks for coins… T_T

I have the same feeling… Rare level 5, I played using mono red (3x namahage, 2x rudolph), and when all five of their skills are fired to guardian panther, it takes less than half of her health.

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Completed all 3 difficulties. Rare, Epic and Legendary.

I had 5 coins from chests.
3 from completing rare
5 from epic
7 from legendary

= First Pull: Kailani / Second Pull: Kashhrek

I had 600 gems and did 2 pulls: Grimm + Ishtaak
I bought those 1000 gems for 99p each (5) and did 3 more pulls: Jahangir + Valen + Guardian Falcon


Yes it s the final version but i updated topic :laughing:


do you remember which stages you got those chests in?