🗿 New Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Will the monsters and colous be the same from previous?
This will be my first but going from https://empiresandpuzzles.fandom.com/wiki/Guardians_of_Teltoc it shows Yellow as reflect, and yellow + green are the monsters in all stages. Will that be the same, do you know?

I hope so because i have a fine purple and red team combination I can use.

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Yes, it’s still reflect Yellow, and all of the monsters on every stage are still Yellow and Green.

The Bosses are:

1: Bat
2: Falcon
3: Jackal
4: Kong
5: Panther
6: Gazelle
7: Chameleon
8: Owl
9: Falcon, Bat, Jackal
10: Chameleon, Jackal
11: Falcon, Gazelle
12: Kong, Panther
13: Bat, Owl, Jackal
14: Falcon, Gazelle, Panther
15: Chameleon, Owl, Kong


Thanks a lot, much appreciated.


For the 3* tier, do you like a purple or red team?

Thanks for all the info.

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Cross-posting this cause I think it’s relevant to this thread now!


Red, at least to start with, for a couple reasons:

  1. I’m lazy about changing teams, and red is strong or neutral against all of the Bosses

  2. I’m lazy about changing teams, and if you take mono purple against Guardian Chameleon and he changes you to yellow, all of your damage will reflect off of Jackal (Stage 10) and Owl (Stage 15)

  3. I have Hawkmoon’s Costume now, and I’m psyched to try her + 2x Squire Wabbit + 2x Rudolph

  4. I’m lazy about changing teams, and it’s nice to have some healing potential in the later Stages with Hawkmoon

  5. I’m lazy about changing teams, and mono red works well as a baseline for everything but Grimforest

That all said, I might swap to purple for some re-runs, depending on how things go.

And, you know, how lazy I’m feeling.

Most likely that would be with Gill-Ra and 4x Balthazar.


Super useful. I just re-read all your tips from the last event and I’m pumped to try to improve.

I noticed all your troops were level 4 (for the 3* tier). Any reason for that particular number?


Edit: Reference to the mentioned tips.

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Yes, but it’s a little arbitrary — Level 4 on 2* offense-oriented Troops gives 2 Attack buffs, and the required XP is perfectly divisible by 40, so you can use 12 1* feeders with no wasted XP.

Related: 2* and 3* Troop Leveling Stats

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I cannot wait to blow several thousand gems to get Dawa. :smiley:

Kidding. I am, and have been, looking forward to this event since the end of the last Challenge Event. I expect to do a few pulls, and go from there. But I love these events for the completion rewards. The loot tiers and placement, I still am well into the hundred thousand+ range.


I suspect there might be one more game update between now and the start of the event. All the existing Guardian cards are without the family insignias (unlike their other challenge hero counterparts who already had their “go” already). So this update, I suspect will just be there to enable the cards for the existing guardians to be updated with the Teltoc insignia (unless already done in one of previous updates and is just an on switch when the event goes live).

Yeah, probably just useless information…

You just blew my mind, man.

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Can i get a new guardian hero’s information like statistics and skill from beta ?

Check here:

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Thanks for this information


Sorry to bother you, but I’m wondering how important is G. Falcon for challenge events? I’m not a huge spender, I wanted to save all of my gems/coins for avalon/pirates.

But I’m also hoping to get top 1000 for rare and legendary, and 5000 (maybe even 500?) for epic this event.

So I’m thinking one option is to try a 10-pull for Falcon and spam him up to at least the last ascension and then attempt the event?

For the record, my current roster of vaguely useable heroes right now:

Wilbur+6, Kelile+5, Boldtusk 4/70, Aeron+3, Proteus+3, Ameonna 4/67, Tiburtus (3rd ascension, will try to get him maxed if he’s deemed useful).

I can also still emblem all of them at least a few times.

As you can see, I also can’t put up a mono team no matter what. (Unless getting G. Falcon AND powerleveling him and Gormek or Sumitomo will help?)

Is it realistic at all for me to aim for such high rankings? Or are my heroes nowhere near good enough yet?

Some meandering thoughts, and a couple questions…

Happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

And he’s very helpful, but not necessary.

But in general, Guardians is the first place I’d prioritize Summoning, because Jackal and Falcon are hugely helpful for Titans and Offense — and as 4*, they’re actually moderately obtainable.

I typically recommend that C2P players Summon only on Guardians amongst the Challenge Events, until getting Falcon and/or Jackal.

If you Summon and get lucky enough to get Falcon, then he’s well worth power leveling — presuming your bench is otherwise well established — which may not be the case from your list of usable heroes.

In your case you’re probably better off sticking to a rainbow leveling plan for now, to build bench depth.

Mono isn’t necessary, it’s just easier.

But the value of Falcon is most increased when paired with strong red attackers. Gormek adds little value there, since Wilbur covers defense debuff, and Gormek and Sumitomo both have low attack stats.

So I wouldn’t recommend prioritizing them for Challenge Events — though they’re useful heroes elsewhere.

It’s definitely achievable without mono, and without a ton of Emblems. I’ve seen others rank moderately well with other team constructions.

Using Wu is out for Guardians (or at least is fairly risky), which undermines one way people avoid mono.

In your case it sounds like you almost don’t have much choice other than a 3-2 stack of Boldtusk/Wilbur/Kelile, and 2 of Proteus/Ameonna/Tiburtus.

That’s actually not a bad team, and has some good damage output potential. You’ll likely just need more Battle Items to finish off Bosses than you would with more hitters.

How’s your inventory?

You’ll have your best potential runs in Stages where the Bosses are green or yellow, and you can charge (or Mana up) Boldtusk, Wilbur, and Ameonna as needed to bump up damage quickly on the monsters or Bosses. You’ll likely need to finish off some of them with Battle Items too.

You might be a better speed player than me, but it took me a while to get decent at playing quickly through Stages. (I’m still nowhere near as good at it as a lot of other people, I only got good enough to hit the Reward Tiers I wanted.)

So I’m also wondering how much you’ve practiced that on past Events. You’ll have to work harder at it because you don’t have the added advantage of a mono team, plus you don’t have a lot of hitters, so damage output will be lower.

I like to practice while farming, so you could try that too if you haven’t been already.

So in upshot, just trying to figure out a little more context of where you’re at with Challenge Events, to figure out where to focus your attention.


Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed reply! I really appreciate it!

This will be the first time I’m actually trying to rank in challenge event, although I’ve been able to complete all three levels for the past half year.

Up until 2 weeks ago when I started reading these forums, I’ve always used rainbow teams lol. In fact, I’ve always pretty much just used the same heroes for mostly everything, and only leveled a new hero when it’s clearly better than the former. That’s why my bench is incredibly thin right now; I used to just throw away extra 4 stars and 3 stars and even fed my dup domitia (who was my 3rd 5 star, the 2nd being the other domitia) to herself. Domitia’s still at 2/60 though, and although I have enough tabards, I only have 5 trap tools, so no chance to power level her up.

That said, i’ve been watching some videos of people playing the challenge events and ranking really well, and I don’t think I’m slower than they are. Granted those videos were of a year ago, and perhaps the competition became much tougher after they revealed their strategy?

edit: forgot, to add, but I’m willing to use… . I guess up to 5 WE flasks, in addition to the energy obtained during the event.


Super Mana Pot x17
Time Stop x17
Tornado x15
Dragon attack x30
bomb attack x114 (making more)
Axe attack x162
Mana pot x180
Arrow Attack x320
Small mana pot x236


You’re welcome!

This is where you’re going to be most constrained, especially on Axes. It might be enough, but it’ll mean you need to be pretty judicious about when you use them.

This might be an argument for picking either Rare or Epic to focus on.

What’s your Rare team looking like?

Top competition is insane.

But the moderate Rewards Tiers are pretty reasonable.

I think competition is a little tougher since the improvements to Rewards and broader Tiers as part of the revamps, but you definitely don’t have to go crazy or do amazingly well…at least until more people figure that out. :smirk:

That may help, especially for a first time trying to be more competitive.

FWIW, I haven’t been using Flasks on Challenge Events so far. The WE I gain during the Event has been enough on the last ones.

Glad you joined the Forum, then. :slightly_smiling_face:

As an aside, do you not participate in Wars?

And did you never specialize teams for Titans?

Just curious, because one or both of those usually motivates some expanded bench depth.

This is the second reason I’d maybe pick one of Rare/Epic/Legendary to focus on first.

You might end up being able to expand to competing in a second or third Tier during the Event, but I’m a little worried about you spreading yourself too thin and missing all of your targets. Hitting a solid win on one first would be a good way to make sure you have enough WE and Battle Items to hit what you want.

I always start by playing through each Stage of each Tier once, like you would for completion — and would suggest you do the same.

After that, I think you should pick one Tier to focus on first (and maybe exclusively), either Rare or Epic.

…which brings me back to wondering about your options for Rare.



May i expect my heroes to turn green on the Chameleon raids?

And if yes, will they have the same powers or will they become another hero?

I need @zephyr1 to talk into a 10 pull this event. I have Falcon but Jackel has been avoiding me often.

New heros sound cool even though they will be few and far between.

If I do make that 10 pull can you suggest a geographical location and time where I will have the highest odds? This part is very important.

I need all the odds in my favor, my luck has been extremely poor for a while.

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