New Gameplay mode – tag-team battle, multiple “rows” of heroes, who replace the heroes before them when they die

Dear Small Giant team,

As a former retired game designer, have a gameplay idea to enhance the game.

I think alliance wars are fantastic - keeps old time players engaged in the game longer, being able to use more than 1 team for winning.

Imagine a game mode called: tag-team battle.
By default there would be 2 rows of defenders (and attackers) set. This means we create row 1 which starts the battle. Once row 1 tank dies, row 2 tank appears. Once row 1 right wing dies, row 2 right wing takes its place. So while you can create rainbow teams, battles could be fought on while all opponents are dead. Strategies to create different colored rows or diffenetly placed rainbow teams could play important roles as well as similar setup than clan wars where you have flags to spend on teams.

If time allows even 3 rows could be defined.

Rules could be even after 2 minutes to switch rows if players exist (fresh players come to play on both sides) or random effects that influence gameplay (like row 1 can be 5 stars only, row 2 can be 4 star troops or the other way around).

I think this could be fun and likely doable. What do you think?

Maybe you’ll also like my almost similar suggestion:


Exactly!!! Didn’t see yours, but should we say “Great minds think alike?” Thanks for sharing - it seems could work for the game?!

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Not gonna lie that sounds like that would just stress me out. I dont think I would have a good bench or hero selection for something like that.

Hi, as many teams expect 6 attacks in war, this can be less stressful than winning 6 battles against 5 star heroes - as per medium guilds expectations. Ofcourse it cannot always happen but new game mechanics could enhance the gameplay experience.

Then maybe I just dont fully understand what you are suggesting. But if I cant take down 6 full teams I just wait for clean ups. Or in my old alliance I would bust tanks and make holes for my lower level players to have better opportunities.


It sounds like you have an alliance that knows how to make the best use of all levels of players. Most alliances outside the top 100 don’t expect every player to get 6 one shot kills. Use all 6 flags, yes, absolutely. But if your 5th and 6th teams are 3* and you’re facing 5* defense teams, expecting one shot kills is unrealistic. You’re doing the right thing by tank busting or cleanups.

Guys, the idea is not to have 6 flags - I never said we must have 6 flags per player. Should be less.
Let’s say my idea is to have 2x defence teams - maybe one 5* and ome 4* as tag- team battle.

What do you think of that?

Are you talking about raids, raid tournaments, or wars?

War type event. 20 chars+

How many attacks per player ?

Not yet decided. Should be tested. However I think it would be fun to setup 2 rows of attackers, and if tank dies, your next tank would replace it… Also you would not see 2nd row of player on battlefield when checking who to attack, just first row.

Last try to see if idea gets more votes.

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