New game out exact copy! Who owns it, lol

Just saw a new game in the mystic video ad called DRAGON STRIKE and normally I ignore these ads but this got my attention as it was playing for those 30 secs as it looked like an exact copy of this one so I downloaded it out of curiosity ant by golly it is an exact copy with the only difference is it looks more for younger kids, heros look more childish like and so does the rest of it where as this one likes more grown up.

Question is does SG own that one too or is the competition one match 3 puzzle war games starting to evolve.

It has everything this one has including raids and uses pretty much all the same names for all the aspects of the game.

So SG yours or not?

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@petri sounds like another assignment for your IP legal team.


Just read it belongs to ember games in Seattle

Do I get a spotters fee reward for this, lol

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Installed it, exact copy indeed :smile:
But nothing compared to EP.
Will remove it from phone :slight_smile:

â– â– â– â–  during adventure fight they display how many stages left, and 5* troops! omgs!!

items like “change x tiles to a hero’s colour”… not bad.

Lmao … any thing for money 90th show is back ?

gameplay is way too slow at the moment and it’s even harder to get gems than in E&P, no chests no titans, but it’s still in beta so who knows it might actually become a good game

There was already a thread about it with screenshots. A e&p staff member replied, thanked the poster, said they would look into it and removed all the screenshots and closed the thread.

Dragon Strike certainly is a copy of this game. Gameplay nearly exact. The only difference…Dragon Strike is more candyland-ish.

Lol, that’s it m8, a buck is a buck plus I would be happy with a 5* team instead of money, lol

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I have tried this copy, I don’t like graphisms but alliance chat allows personal messages !!

training has 24 levels, seems like the 4 extra are “guaranteed” rare epic… i think the top training is “epic or legendary only” . much slower paced tha e&p. but even more things to buy!

I tried it out twice for about 4hrs and the whole time I felt like I was playing a 10yr olds kids game.

Didn’t much enjoy it and the game was deleted.

I just saw the ad for Dragon Strike. The pizels look more cartoonish for a younger crowd possibly. The heroes that I briefly saw look to have more depth and uniqueness to them however. Definitely a clone of E&P.

Not every gams with Puzzles and a base with developing heroes is a clone of e&p

Grow up

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This has been flagged to SGG. No need to discuss another game here further.

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