New forum section (Off Topic)

I would like to have a new section to post any off-topic subjects aka Jokes, funny stuff those are make nothing to do with the game content but may lead to a better community and friendships.

Let me know your thoughts about it guys.

I enjoy the off-topic stuff like Ridiculous Complaints and heroes in song titles. Isn’t this basically what “Community Content” is kinda for? Or am I misread the purpose of that section?

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General discussion is usually meant for off topic conversation

Think what jedon is seein, is how a topic can derail off topic and we see flags and what not

@Jedon why not just start an “Off-Topic” thread in general discussion or a “General Conversation” thread in general discussion

If the thread doesn’t have a 1 labeled topic then it can’t go off topic and if everyone is there to chat about random off topic issues then i don’t see any problem with it, and would give mods a thread to move “off topic” posts rather than flag all of the ones that don’t necessarily violate any other rules

Probly the direction I’d go buddy

Might be a good idea to talk to mods first and see how they feel about it

I’m not exactly up to snuff on forum rules or what’s acceptable/unacceptable

@Rook @Kerridoc @JonahTheBard

I’m thinkin this is worth a shot and compromise for those that simply come to forum to chit chat with those they don’t normally run into in other medias but don’t exactly have 1 topic or thread in mind

Maybe I’m overlooking possible issues?

If popular enough, could even pin it for easy access

It can still have posts flagged for inappropriate or spam or whatever

Just wouldn’t have off topic flags as it would have no topic

(Btw if this has to do with the jokes this morning, they did get out of hand in regards to race and male body parts, we do still have to keep the jokes within rules and reason)


Evening @Jedon

I appreciate the idea, however as they stand, the forum rules state:

  1. Wildly irrelevant topics are not allowed. Please post only topics that fit under the pre-defined forum categories. Irrelevant in this context means all non-game related topics.

So any fun stuff about E&P is fine and dandy, as @Garanwyn says - stick it in Community Content (in my opinion, the only section of the forum really worth reading anyway :wink:)

I don’t think SG have any interest in changing that and it does present certain challenges - a few Die Hard related Christmas jokes were posted recently and it was immediately divisive and caused a commotion, for example.

If you wanted to try a thread for just posting anything E&P related without a specific topic and see if grew organically, that might work - What’s On Your Mind Today. But trying to discuss other games or media or politics or sport or the weather is probably going to get closed.

As @rigs said - if it doesn’t have a topic, it can’t go off topic. But it’s still got to have an E&P flavour.

Hope that makes sense.



I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes


I understand that, but as we are all not veling to same cultuer I think it would be a great opportunity to learn others cultures and point of views.

@JonahTheBard I’ve read the forum rules and though its why I ask to make a new section, cause it will edit the rules to allow it hapoen!
But as you are a closer part of the community to SGG, and said that they wont change what already existed, so I should thank you about lightning the way to me, after all …
The off topic section is on all mega games forums I been playing, Its a section to make a friendships, with players whom we like and not a chance to chat with them ingame or on other forum sections that exist now.

About my jokes that I really hope didn’t offend any one, I been watching them on youtube and link was sent to me from a US friends of mine on Line app as a chance to learn more about tge sense of humor of USA cultuer … I found them funny and just wanted to share as its a holiday jokes been spoken by African American dudes and all luaghed on em. As you see I am Egyptian and the rastic culture or what to lead to isn’t part of my looking at matter cause we don’t have same cultuer me and some of you (if not all of you :smile: ) never ment to offend any one at all.
Thanks and have all of you a great time.


I’m a big fan of this concept and if SG changed their mind I’m sure I would make use of it too.

I don’t think it’s ever been debated, so you’re right to ask the question, but I’ve seen nothing to suggest that there’s a mood for it within the company.

Perhaps I will be proved wrong :slight_smile:

There is potential that it would require more moderation as the breadth of topic would inadvertently expose players to ideas that they were less comfortable with.


I absolutely love this idea! It’s what makes me stay in my alliance. I’ll nevet leave Magnificent Bastards because we have that kind of great comradery with people from all over the globe within it. As long as there were some basic decorum rules, I think it’s a great idea!


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