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Hi Forum,

I read many requests from members asking for help concerning their teams. You know them: shall I upgrade this or the other hero? What shall my defence team look like and so on.
Maybe it make sense to summarize such topics in their own category?
Like “team help”, “team advise” or “roster help”? Something like that?

while we are at it let’s create one for complaints as well…

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…and the possibility to mute the complete category :wink:

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I am in for that one!

Check this out :heart_eyes:

Altough late to the party (what’s new :wink: ) I think this is a perfect addition to the boards we now have.

Just add the category: Team advice.

In this categorie could be:
Who to level first questions
What is a good team for my Raid/War defence/Titan etc.

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And anyone making positive comments should immediately be flagged :rofl:

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well these days it might be less work than flagging negative ones :rofl::rofl:

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